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Dragos Pascu

Spall Sports Ltd

Dragos Pascu

Spall Sports are a manufacturer and supplier of high quality sportswear. In the 1970/80s Spall established itself as one of the top sportswear brands in bespoke manufacturing and supplying clubs at all levels, professional, semi pro and amateur.

The project involved creating specifications and designs for clients using various design software tools. 

Why did you apply for the Summer Experience Internship?

- I had a job already at that time, but I felt like I had to experience something new in terms of teamwork and working through deadlines. I was not progressing anymore at my previous job and that is because of the routine. I applied for the Summer Experience Internship to escape the routine and get out of my comfort zone.


What did you enjoy about the Internship?

- I was able to learn without being stressed and this process of learning was way different than the theory, it was real practical experience. I had different projects to work on and each of them pushed me to improve my knowledge and apply it into different software.


What tips would you give to prospective students?

- Don't be afraid of going out there in the industry. As long as you have the willing to learn, nobody will ever make you feel bad. During those 6 weeks you will make good connections for future jobs and projects. No matter in what area you will work, you will definitely improve your social skills.


What support did you receive from Career and Employability Services?

- I've been offered an interview at a big manufacturing company. After taking the internship, the Career and Employability Services looked after me and made sure that I enjoy my experience.


What actions are you taking to improve your employability whilst at university?

- I try to accept different projects and internships no matter how difficult they may seem in the beginning. Afterwards, those projects push me to learn more and do more. At the end, I would develop a lot of skill and will be able to apply to any job and be successful in my area of study.


What advice would you give to your fellow students about finding placement and work experience opportunities?

- Don't find excuses and don't be afraid to ask. The Career and Employability Services will offer you all the support to find a good and sustainable placement or internship. Along the way you will learn way more than you will ever learn at lectures and tutorials.