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Case Studies 2016

Aqib Khan

Engineering Intern - Nylacast

Nylacast are renowned as a proficient, award winning technology partner to countless leading manufacturer’s and brands from key global industries.  With over four decades of engineering excellence along with the pioneering of distinguished engineering polymers, Nylacast hold the unique ability to provide full engineering solutions from initial concepts and raw chemistry through to end components and requirements.

The aim of the project was to determine the presence and size of inclusions in the nylon rings of an assembled gear blank before machining of the gear teeth.

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Dragos Pascu

Spall Sports Ltd

Spall Sports are a manufacturer and supplier of high quality sportswear. In the 1970/80s Spall established itself as one of the top sportswear brands in bespoke manufacturing and supplying clubs at all levels, professional, semi pro and amateur.

The project involved creating specifications and designs for clients using various design software tools. 

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Dudley Chown

Student Experience and Success Team

The Student Experience & Success Team aims to understand, support and enhance the student experience at the University of Bradford – which includes striving to enable the engagement, development and success of all of our students.  

The internship project involved supporting the team with a variety of projects. Gaining experience in project support, IT and research skills; as well as working in student/education development.

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Farhaan Abbas

Gluco Technology Ltd

The Company is primarily concerned with research and development in the polymeric materials. Polymerisation reaction engineering is a reasonable description of the Company's activities which involves polymer chemistry, scale-up of processes, reactive processing of polymers, polymer analysis and the testing of polymers at a macroscopic level.

Gluco Technology required help with assisting the current team with a range of on-going projects which include: (i) the development and testing of a new
biodegradable polymer which it is planned to produce commercially in the next 12 months (ii) the evaluation of a novel adhesive which is suitable for use in the
automotive field. Farhaan helped with researching polymers, testing, analysis and reporting results to key stakeholders.


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Fatima Khanom

Sun Branding Solutions

Sun Branding Solutions offer strategic brand design through pack science, graphics, legal sign off and digital solutions -  manage clients’ projects from that first big idea through to their product landing in a customer’s shopping basket. Sun Branding work with a number of large clients such as Asda, Coca Cola, Bacardi and Covent Garden Soup.  

Fatima was placed within the IT helpdesk team. This involved administering Windows and Apple computers, networking and dealing with IT help desk requests. The students were challenged and gained an understanding of IT in a business environment.

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Mariam Oyebanji

TF Automation

TF Automation is a manufacturing company based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Established in 1976, the company comprises two business divisions.

The project involved the development of an ecommerce website for the business. The intern was responsible for identifying a suitable web development company to set up an ecommerce website, developing the content for the site including literature, videos and pictures. There was also an element of search engine optimisation to help increase traffic to the site and integrating this with social media.

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Nafeesa Fiaz

Day Night Pharmacy

Day Night Pharmacy is a busy community pharmacy based in Bradford. They offer a range of services including Blood Pressure and Diabetes minotoring. aswell as pill box service and weight management. 

The project involved making recommendations for improving the efficiency of this service. The students gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities and requirement of working in this field.The students learnt process improvement and project management skills.

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Pamela Kisembo

TF Automation

TF Automation is a manufacturing company based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Established in 1976, the company comprises two business divisions.

Pamela's role was to update the existing ERP software (WIPsoft), which is bespoke software for monitoring work In progress for projects. This project was overseen and supported by academic staff from the university. The student was given a project brief and guidelines on the updates that are required for the system.

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