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Ashleigh Barnes

Technical Product Design Intern, Ramsey Timber

Ashleigh Barnes

The project involved supporting the technical product design team.  Working to a pre-determined plan, redrawing all current components using the company’s internal Auto-Cad software.

Ashleigh gained experience in Auto Cad and product design in a commercial environment.

Why did you apply for the Summer Experience Internship?

I knew experience is what you need to get on as well as education. Experience helps with on the job training and you become more attractive to an employer.  I wanted to improve myself and make myself more employable and beat the competition.

What did you enjoy about the Internship?

The company was very accepting, they made me feel very welcome. I felt I could ask anything and they gave me the confidence to get on with the job. The management had confidence in me and saw potential in my abilities.

“Ashleigh has provided a fresh vibrant approach to the business, very different to placement candidates we have seen in the past. Ashleigh has taken a misunderstood department in the business and helped bring it to the mainstream.”

Ramsey Timber

What tips would you give to prospective students?

Be yourself and don’t try to pretend you know something if you do not. If you’re not sure ask questions. The company has faith in you because they interviewed you and employed you and they want you to do well.

What support did you receive from Career Development Services?

The team were approachable and efficient at supporting me with contracts and answered emails straight away.

What actions are you taking to improve your employability whilst at university?

I am completing a major design project as a part of one of my modules which will include the Ramsey Timber work. During the Christmas holidays Ramsey Timer invited me back to complete an additional three weeks of paid work experience. I have also reviewed and updated my CV for potential future opportunities.

What advice would you give to your fellow students about finding placement and work experience opportunities?

Keep looking, keep emailing, keep phoning and make sure your CV is on point and up to date. Tailor all cover letters to individual companies. Do not lose faith and give up.

Any last words?

I enjoyed my time at Ramsey Timber and learned more about how companies work. It has boosted my confidence and employability for the future