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Where you can go

The University has many exciting study abroad options on offer. There are more than 60 universities and colleges in Europe and worldwide to choose from.

Opportunities by Academic Department

FacultyDepartmentStudy Abroad Opportunities - Undergraduate Programmes
Management and Law Business Sandwich Year
Semester in second year
Management and Law Law Sandwich Year
Management and Law Economics Sandwich Year
Social Sciences Psychology  Semester in final year
Social Sciences Peace & BCID  Sandwich Year
Semester in second year
Social Sciences Sociology and Criminology  Sandwich Year
Semester in second year
Engineering & Informatics Engineering Sandwich Year
Engineering & Informatics Computing & Electrical Engineering Second Year or Sandwich Year
Engineering & Informatics Media, Design and Technology Sandwich Year
Life Sciences Pharmacy 2-3 month summer exchanges available
Life Sciences Chemistry Final Year Research Project - MChem
Life Sciences Archaeology & Forensic Sandwich Year
Life Sciences Clinical Sciences Sandwich Year
Health Nursing Final Year Elective Placement Abroad 
  • Some funding may be available to students in departments not listed above for extra-curricular international activities. See Short Term and Summer Programmes (below).
  • Please note that participation in study abroad is subject to good academic performance and successful application (places may be limited)

Study in Europe

We are delighted you are considering taking part in the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme with one of our European partner institutions.

  • Erasmus+ is the EU's flagship education and training programme, enabling more than 180,000 students to study and work abroad each year.
  • Erasmus+ forms part of the Lifelong Learning Programme designed for higher education students with the aim of increasing student mobility within the European community.
  • The programme offers an opportunity to undertake a period of study - either one semester or one academic year in another European country.
  • Academic credits earned during the exchange programme are recognised as part of a degree. 

Please browse our Erasmus+ partner institutions.

If you would like to discuss your options or wish to request an application form, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

You may also find it useful to look at the British Council's website (external link) for further information about Erasmus+ and how it could benefit your studies and future career.

Study Worldwide

We currently have partner institutions in Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa and the USA.

We are continually expanding our study abroad partnerships outside of Europe, all of which are taught in English.

Please browse our worldwide exchange partner institutions and contact us to request an application form.

University of Bradford Exchange Scholarships

Available to Home and EU students only: £1000 for one semester abroad at an approved exchange partner, £2000 for a year abroad at an approved exchange partner.
All students, including international students who study abroad for a full year abroad if approved by the department, will only pay 15% tuition fees to the University of Bradford. No tuition fee is paid to the host institution if it is an approved exchange partner.

Have you been given a place at a North American institution?

You may wish to apply for a £500 scholarship from the British Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX).

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

The University of Bradford is an international member of ISEP. This means that there are many exciting destinations to choose from in the USA and many other countries around the world.

The ISEP program is recommended for a placement year abroad and is recommended for students who would like to study in the USA and many other countries at at a manageable cost - your accommdoation food will be based on Bradford prices! 

For more details about this exchange programme, please visit the ISEP website, or contact us to request an application form and download the document below:

ISEP Information (2016-2017) (Word doc, 21kb)

Short and Summer Programmes

There are many short programmes and summer programmes that are offered around the world and may be easier for you to fit around your studies.

Travel Awards

If you are planning an overseas activity between 1 September 2017 and 30 August 2018 you may apply for an award from the Short Term Travel Award Scheme.  The award will be a contribution, it will not cover all your costs. 

The travel awards are specifically for those students who are not eligible for Erasmus grants or Exchange Scholarships but who are doing an overseas activity relevant to their course or that will enable them to build employability skills.  This applies to summer schools, language programmes, internships, field trips or other short programmes.

Generation UK China

Generation UK - China was launched by the British Council in 2013. It aims to help students from the UK boost their employability, enhance their long-term job prospects and develop a global mindset through study and work experience opportunities in China. 

Generation-UK China Academic Scholarships offers a series of scholarships to students wishing to study in China, from a single semester to a full academic year.

Generation-UK China Work Experience offers funding to support two-month placements for UK students to gain work experience in mainland China.

The Study China Programme

Study China provides a three-week study experience at leading Chinese universities, covering Chinese language, culture, and business.  Interaction with Chinese students, academic staff, local families, and businesses is structured into a programme of accredited language courses, workshops, trips, and excursions.

For UK undergraduate students, Study China provides a three-week study experience at leading Chinese universities, covering Chinese language, culture, and business.  Interaction with Chinese students, academic staff, local families, and businesses is structured into a programme of accredited language courses, workshops, trips, and excursions.

The Study China Programme is managed by The University of Manchester and generously funded by The Department for Business, Energy and Strategy. All tuition and accommodation fees are funded; students finance their own travel costs.

Details of applications for summer 2018 coming soon

Generation UK India

Are interested in understanding more about living, studying and working in India whilst gaining skills that will make you more employable? The British Council’s Generation-UK India Cultural Immersion and Work Placements could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Generation UK-India Cultural Immersion: The British Council are offering a range of placements that will enable you to spend two weeks based in a number of locations across India. Gain a deeper understanding of the education sector, working practices and culture in India whilst meeting an interacting with local students, workers and experts. You will build connections for future collaboration, experience one of the most exciting countries on the planet and develop your CV. For more information please visit the website.

See the Study Work Create website for more information and get notified when applications open.

Erasmus+ Work Placements

It is possible to arrange a work placement in Europe through the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme. This is a great way to impress employers, enhance your CV and get hands-on work experience. Placements should be for a minimum of 2 months and should be relevant to your degree. International, Home and EU students can apply.

Students who graduate from 2014 are eligible to apply for an Erasmus+ grant to take part in an internship/traineeship/work placement in Europe for a period of between 2 and 12 months. Students must apply for the grant before they graduate and the placement must start within 12 months of graduating. Low priority will be given to students returning to their home country. All placements must be approved by the home department and must be relevant towards your degree. Students are encouraged to contact their dedicated Work Placement Tutor or Support Office for guidance and approval.

  • Erasmus InternFor help finding a work placement, we suggest using the Erasmus Intern website which is managed by the European Student Network.
  • RISE Germany (Research Internships in Science and Engineering): offers undergraduate students from North American and British universities the opportunity to complete a summer research internship at top German universities and research institutions. 
  • IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience): provides students in technical degrees (primarily Science, Engineering and the applied arts) with paid, course-related, training abroad. With over 80 countries involved and exchanging over 4000 traineeships each year worldwide, it is the largest organisation of its kind. 

Erasmus+ Grant

You may be eligible for some financial support through the Erasmus+ grant. To be eligible for an Erasmus+ grant your work placement must be related to the course you are studying, be for a minimum of 2 months and be authorised by your department. You will need to complete the Erasmus+ work placement application form, which must be signed by your departmental coordinator and returned with an offer letter from your employer which also confirms insurance arrangements. Please contact us to request the application form.

Once you have found a suitable employer and they have agreed to the placement, you will need to complete the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Traineeships. The agreement needs to be signed off by your academic department, the employer and you.‌ The first part is completed before you depart, the rest during and after your placement is finished. Therefore, we recommend you complete the document electronically and submit it by email.

Tips for finding work placements and internships

Please refer to the Career and Employability Services in Student Central for help and advice in applying for jobs and internships. 

  • Register for the Jobs Online database.
  • Arrange a one-to-one appointment with a Career Consultant for help with your CV.
  • Refer to the list of University of Bradford Erasmus University partners as potential employers. Often they will accept students to do research projects or internships over the summer or for full year placements.
  • Also consider sending your CV to other Universities that are not partners of the University of Bradford. (Please note that we do not have to have an agreement in place for students to take part in Erasmus work placements)
  • Be proactive and search the website of EU countries for their Chambers of Industry and Commerce, where you can find links to companies, banks, organizations, small businesses, etc.
  • Remember that the work placement/internship needs to be relevant to the course that you are studying. 
  • All placements must be for at least two months. This can easily be achieved for students who are looking for a summer placement, particularly if you start after the exams in May.

Contact us

International Opportunities Coordinator 

Tel: +44 1274 234991

Drop in Sessions

Study abroad drop-in sessions are held in term time: 1-2pm every weekday.

Location: Careers and Employability Services (Student Central Level 0).

Individual appointments are also available, please call 01274 234991 or email us to arrange a time.

Departmental Exchange Coordinators

If you wish to study abroad you will need to get your application and your module choices approved by your Departmental Exchange Coordinator.

Faculty of Engineering & Informatics

School of Engineering

Prof Alastair Wood


Computer Science

Dr Daniel Neagu


Mr Will Godfrey

Faculty of Health Studies


Janice High

Faculty of Life Sciences

Archaeological Sciences

Dr Alex Gibson


Dr William Martin


Dr Richard T Wheelhouse

Faculty of Management & Law

Coordinator to be confirmed - email  

Faculty of Social Sciences

Criminology and Sociology

Clare Beckett-Wrighton


Dariya Mykhayliv

International Relations, Peace Studies, Political Sciences

Prof Munro Price


Dr Barbara J Stewart-Knox

How to Apply

Planning to study abroad for a full year or in semester one 2018/19?  The deadline to apply is 15 December 2018!

Please follow these steps to apply to study abroad:

1. Confirm with your department that you are eligible for study abroad and when you are allowed to go.

2. Meet with us to discuss where you can go and which programmes are available, then research your options online.

3. Complete the application form for the semester abroad: 

4. Discuss your module selection with your Departmental Coordinator. Make sure they sign your application form.

5. Return your application to us at in Career & Employability Services in Student Central or email to Please note we cannot accept applications which have not been signed.

Remember you can email us at any point at or come to a drop in at Career & Employability Services office between 1pm and 2pm every weekday in term time to discuss your application and for assistance. Outside of term time you can email us for an appointment.

Any questions?

Come and have a chat to see how we can help you. 

Our study abroad drop-in sessions are held in term time: 1-2pm every weekday.

Location: Careers and Employability Services (Student Central Level 0).

Individual appointments are also available, please call 01274 234991 or email us to arrange a time.