Open Days

Visit the University of Bradford

Our Open Days are your best opportunity to find out what it's like to study at the University of Bradford.

You can join tours of our campus and accommodation, speak to current students, and meet the academics you'll be learning from.

Open Day

Saturday 22 June 2019

9:00 - 15:00

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22 June - your schedule

We have talks and tours for both undergraduate and postgraduate study, find your schedule below:


General Talks

ActivityStart Times
Welcome Talks 09:15, 12:00
UCAS Personal Statement 10:00, 11:00, 12:45, 13:45
Undergraduate Finance 10:00, 11:00, 12:45, 13:45
Student Life 10:00, 11:00, 12:45, 13:45
Mental Health Support at the University of Bradford Q&A 11:00-11:50, 12:45-13:35

Campus and Accommodation Tours

There will be campus and accommodation tours running every half hour starting at 10:00. Tours will be setting off from the Atrium.


Faculty Talks

TalkStart Times
Archaeology and Forensics 10:00, 12:45
Peace and International Development 10:00, 12:45
Psychology  10:00, 12:45
Law 10:00, 12:45
Economics 10:00, 12:45
Diagnostic Radiography 10:00, 12:45
(M)Physiotherapy (Sport & Exercise Medicine) 10:00, 12:45
Nursing 10:00, 12:45
Chemistry 11:00, 13:45
Pharmacy Careers Workshop 11:00
Sociology and Criminology 11:00, 13:45
Social Work and Social Care 11:00, 13:45
Business and Management 11:00, 13:45
Occupational Therapy 11:00, 13:45
Midwifery 11:00, 13:45
Public Health and Community Wellbeing 11:00, 12:45
Paramedic Science 11:00, 12:45
Biomedical Sciences & Healthcare Sciences 12:45
Clinical Sciences 12:45

Parent's Lounge

There will be a parent's lounge area in the Atrium for parents and carers to have a chat with University staff members throughout the day.

Open Day tips

Quiz the experts - nobody knows a course better than the person who teaches it. At an Open Day, you can quiz tutors and decide whether their course is right for you. You can find info on loads of other courses too, who knows, you might discover something brand new.

Attend talks - talks are perfect for giving you info on things you may not have even thought about. From fees and finance, to student life and societies, talks are varied and take place throughout the day. Plan the talks you want to attend in advance.

See it to believe it - you’re not just choosing a university, you’re choosing a campus, a city and a lifestyle. Give yourself time to discover everything the university and city have to offer for you, don’t just believe the rumours. Chat to the Students’ Union about sports, societies and social life and head into the city for a bite to eat.

Bring your friends and family - don’t go it alone; take a friend or someone from the family. It’s a good idea to talk things through with someone after an Open Day, especially if it’s your first one.

We have a parents and carers lounge at our Open Day where they can attend talks designed just for them, and you can take a break.

Plan your personal statement - at an Open Day you’ll be able to get insider tips on what to include in your statement so be sure to chat to the tutors about it. We run personal statement writing workshops at our Open Days to give you an edge.