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Important information

A: University Ordinances

  1. Ordinance 1 Matriculation
  2. Ordinance 2 Degrees
  3. Ordinance 3 Undergraduate Awards
  4. Ordinance 4 Aegrotat Awards
  5. Ordinance 5 Postgraduate Taught Courses
  6. Ordinance 6 and 8 Governing the Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy and Professional Doctorates
  7. Ordinance 7 Governing the Degree of Master or Doctor of Philosophy by Published Work
  8. Ordinance 16 Conduct of Student Members of the University

B: University Regulations

  1. Regulation 1 Admission of Students to Undergraduate Programmes of Study
  2. Regulation 2 Undergraduate awards 2021-22 (PDF, 245.5KB)
  3. Regulation 5 Academic Misconduct and procedures to be followed in the event of suspected breach of assessment regulations
  4. Regulation 6 Academic Appeals by students against an aspect of their academic assessment or admission status
  5. Regulation 7 Assessment Regulations (2021-2022 version)
  6. Regulation 9 Postgraduate Taught Awards
  7. Regulation 10 Research degrees 2021-22 (PDF, 250kB)
  8. Regulation 12 Theses and dissertations lodged in the University Library
  9. Intellectual property rights in work produced by students (currently under review)
  10. Regulation 20 Use of the Library
  11. Acceptable Use of IT Policy
  12. Regulation 25 Sabbatical Leave for Officers of the University Union
  13. Regulation 30 Policy and Procedures for Sponsored Research, Patent Agreements and Testing (under review)
  14. Financial Regulation
  15. Regulation 32 Student membership of Senate
  16. Regulation 37 Regulation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Philosophy by Published Work against an aspect of their academic assessment

C: University Policies and Procedures

  1. Admissions Policy
  2. Student Criminal Convictions Policy and Procedures
  3. Student Complaints Procedure
  4. Procedures Governing Appeals and Complaints by Applicants relating to an Admissions Decision
  5. Procedures Governing Appeals and Complaints by Applicants and Students in relation to Compliance with UK Visa and Immigration Regulations
  6. Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures
  7. Student Disciplinary Procedures and Fitness to Practise Policy and Procedures
  8. Health, Wellbeing and Fitness to Study Policy and Procedures
  9. Health and Safety Policy
  10. IT Policies
  11. Student Privacy Notice
  12. Student Protection Plan
  13. Student Transfer Plan
  14. Access and Participation Plan