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Yorkshire Universities 2016 Student Representation Conference

Yorkshire Universities will be hosting the first annual Student Representation conference on Friday 11 November 2016, 11:00–17:00.

The event will be hosted by the University of Bradford, and the theme will be Student Representation: engagement, development and impact.

The target audience for the event is student representatives and relevant support staff. Participating institutions are encouraged to invite a maximum of 10 students who are current faculty, school or course representatives.


Empowerment and problem solving

How can we provide our representatives with the confidence to fulfil their role, and make an impact on the student experience?

The session will present ideas on ways representatives can be supported to confidently make measurable changes. 

Digital innovation in student engagement

Presenting new digital technologies that can be exploited to engage more students in representation and quality.

The session will present innovative methods in which both and students can improve practices to improve impact and engagement.

Strategies to engage representatives

Exploring strategies to engage representatives in their role.

Moving away from the idea of measuring impact based on total representatives elected this session will provide a model for inclusive, accessible and sustainable engagement.

Adulting (Life after University)

Students underestimate how fast their time at university goes by, and really begin to worry about what they should be doing to prepare.

This session will focus on tackling the doom and gloom of entering the working world, using the experience of staff who didn't land in the career they initially envisioned, to inspire students that the pressure isn't as intense as they think.

Life has just begun and they should make the most of it. 

The impact of TEF and what this means for students and universities

The session will cover the implications of TEF on the higher education sector, and the potential changes to the way universities work with students.

The session will also explore the political narratives from a student, and HE perspective.

Book your place

To book individuals onto this event, each institution is encouraged to nominate a chosen staff member who will coordinate the selection of staff and students attending this event (up to 10 students).

Staff members must book attendees onto the conference using Eventbrite before Friday 4 November 2016.