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Dr Simon Mair

Lecturer - Circular Economy & Data Analy

Faculty/Dept/School School of Management
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 232167


Simon is an ecological economist. His work focuses on understanding the current economy in order to build a better one. He is currently working on questions of productivity, energy, value and work in sustainable economies. Simon is program lead for the Master in Business Administration in Innovation, Enterprise and Circular Economy, and is working on mainstreaming circular economy across the undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum.

Before Bradford, Simon worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey. Here he was researcher with the ESRC funded Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, and co-investigator on the ESRC funded “Powering Productivity”. He was also a teaching fellow at the University of Salford.

Simon is currently co-investigator on “Pedagogy Without Growth: An exploratory study of post-growth teaching in UK Business Schools”. Funded by the UK and Ireland Chapter of The UN Principles for Responsible Management Education, this project uses action research to explore teaching of degrowth and post-growth ideas in a management education context. He is also co-investigator on the NERC funded project "“Marine Spatial Planning Addressing Climate Effects (MSPACE)”. He leads a work package using input-output models to explore links between marine resources, climate change, and regional supply chains. 

Simon's academic work has been published in Ecological Economics, The Lancet Planetary Health, and The Journal of Cleaner Production, amongst others. In addition to his academic publications he has been published in outlets including BBC Future, New Socialist, and Current Affairs. He is currently UK country contact for the European Society of Ecological Economics.


Ecological Economics

Alternative Economies


Post-Growth Economics

History of Economic Thought


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Other Publications
Other typeMagazine Article
TitleTriggering the Right: The Role of Language in the Culture Wars (2021)
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Other typeBlog
TitleCOVID-19 and the Economic Stories of our Time (2021)
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Other typeNewspaper Articles
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Other typeNewspaper Articles
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Other typeElectronic Article
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Other typeNewspaper Articles
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Other typeNewspaper Articles
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