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Professor Rebecca Randell

Prof. Digital Innovations in Healthcare

Faculty/Dept/School Faculty of Health Studies
Telephone +441274 234144


I joined the University of Bradford in January 2020 as Professor in Digital Innovations in Healthcare. My first degree, from Durham University, was in Software Engineering. I obtained my PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from Glasgow University in 2004.  

Prior to joining the University of Bradford, I spent 10 years at the University of Leeds, first as a Research Fellow in the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine and then in the School of Healthcare, initially as a Senior Translational Research Fellow, before being promoted to Lecturer in July 2015 and Associate Professor in August 2017. I also undertook postdoctoral appointments in the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York and in the Centre for HCI Design at City University London.


Although I have a background in software engineering, my research is very much focused on the social, understanding how healthcare professionals carry out their work in order to inform the design of health IT to support that work and understanding how health IT is used in practice. I have studied medical and nursing handover in a variety of hospital settings, histopathologists making diagnoses at the microscope, and multidisciplinary team meetings. I have carried out research into nurses’ customisation of equipment in the intensive care unit, nurses’ use of computerised decision support systems, the effect of novel hardware solutions on GP-patient communication, the impact of a virtual reality microscope on time to diagnosis in histopathology, and the impact of a wall-sized display on collaboration in undergraduate and postgraduate pathology teaching. This understanding is achieved largely through qualitative methods, focusing on the use of observations supported by interviews. I also have a particular interest in realist evaluation. I have experience of undertaking systematic reviews, surveys, and more experimental approaches to evaluation. In 2004, I was awarded the Diana E. Forsythe Award by the American Medical Informatics Association for research at the intersection of informatics and the social sciences.

At the University of Leeds, I led an NIHR Health Services & Delivery Research (HS&DR) funded realist evaluation of the impact of robotic surgery on teamwork in the operating theatre and was co-investigator on an NIHR HS&DR funded study looking at the introduction of quality dashboards in the NHS on an NIHR HS&DR funded realist review of the impact of networked IT on patient safety. Currently I am leading an NIHR HS&DR funded project to develop and evaluate QualDash, a quality dashboard that supports clinical teams, quality and safety committees, and NHS Trust boards to better understand and make use of National Clinical Audit data.

I am Executive Officer of the European Federation of Medical Informatics. I am Deputy Chair of the NIHR HS&DR Researcher-Led Panel.


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleHidden labour: The skilful work of clinical audit data collection and its implications for secondary use of data via integrated health IT (2021)
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JournalBMC Health Services Research
PublisherSpringer/Biomed Central
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TitleWhat supports and constrains the implementation of multifactorial falls risk assessment and tailored multifactorial falls prevention interventions in acute hospitals? Protocol for a realist review. (2021)
AuthorsRandell R;Wright JM;Alvarado N;Healey F;Dowding D;Smith H;Hardiker N;Gardner P;Ward S;Todd C;Zaman H;McVey L;Davey CJ;Woodcock D;
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TitleHow, in what contexts, and why do quality dashboards lead to improvements in care quality in acute hospitals? Protocol for a realist feasibility evaluation. (2020)
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TitleExploring variation in the use of feedback from national clinical audits: a realist investigation (2020)
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TitleExploring variation in the use of feedback from national clinical audits: a realist investigation (2020)
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JournalJournal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
TitleEffects of inter-organisational information technology networks on patient safety: a realist synthesis (2020)
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TitleNetworked information technologies and patient safety: a protocol for a realist synthesis. (2019)
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JournalSystematic Reviews
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JournalBMJ Open
TitleHow do team experience and relationships shape new divisions of labour in robot-assisted surgery? A realist investigation. (2019)
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TitleHuman factors in robotic assisted surgery: Lessons from studies 'in the Wild'. (2019)
AuthorsCatchpole K;Bisantz A;Hallbeck MS;Weigl M;Randell R;Kossack M;Anger JT;
JournalApplied Ergonomics
TitleContinuous Versus Intermittent Vital Signs Monitoring Using a Wearable, Wireless Patch in Patients Admitted to Surgical Wards: Pilot Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial. (2018)
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TitleThe impact of continuous versus intermittent vital signs monitoring in hospitals: A systematic review and narrative synthesis. (2018)
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TitleQuality and safety between ward and board: a biography of artefacts study (2018)
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TitleTrial of Remote Continuous versus Intermittent NEWS monitoring after major surgery (TRaCINg): protocol for a feasibility randomised controlled trial. (2018)
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JournalCognition, Technology and Work
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AuthorsRandell R.;Greenhalgh J.;Hindmarsh J.;Dowding D.;Jayne D.;Pearman A.;Gardner P.;Croft J.;Kotze A.
JournalImplementation Science : Is
Other Publications
Other typeReviews
TitleDashboards for improving patient care: Review of the literature (2015)
AuthorsDowding D.;Randell R.;Gardner P.;Fitzpatrick G.;Dykes P.;Favela J.;Hamer S.;Whitewood-Moores Z.;Hardiker N.;Borycki E.;Currie L.
JournalInternational Journal of Medical Informatics
Title Author(s)
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