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Dr Ronan McGarrigle

Assistant Professor

Faculty/Dept/School School of Social Sciences
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 232606


I am currently a lecturer in Psychology at University of Bradford. Prior to this, I worked as principal investigator on an ESRC-funded research project investigating effortful listening across the lifespan at the University of York. After completing my PhD at the University of Manchester, I worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (Ohio, USA) and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville, USA) and lectured in Psychology at the University of Chester.

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My research focuses on how our sensory and cognitive systems interact to promote successful listening. Using a range of experimental techniques (introspective, behavioural, and physiological measures), my work aims to shed light on: (a) the subjective and physiological processes that underpin successful speech perception, (b) the impact of a sensory or cognitive deficit on speech perception and the experience of effort and fatigue from listening, and (c) the consequences of effortful listening and fatigue on health and well-being across the lifespan. I am also a keen advocate of open and reproducible science practices and try to actively promote these within my own research.


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