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Rajendran Gopalan

Lecturer in Pharmacology

Faculty/Dept/School School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 234771


2011- to present: Lecturer in Pharmacology 2009 - January 2011: Lecturer in Pharmacology (Part time) 2008 - June 2009: Lecturer (part time), University of Bradford 2007 to 2008: Lecturer in Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Bradford 2006 to 2007: Post doctoral Researcher, Project Funded by Yorkshire forward 2004 to 2005: Visiting Researcher, University of Bradford


Teaching highlights

Led the successful design development and delivery of the innovative 90 credit module, Pharmacy Science and Practice 1 module for stage 2 MPharm programme 2019-20 with a very high level of student satisfaction. Successfully led the embedding of simulation in stage 2 of the MPharm curriculum.


Currently I am investigating * the potential and genotoxicity of naturally occurring compounds * genotoxixcity of thermal extrusion products and I am co-supervising two PhD student researching in the area of toxicology of nanomaterials. PhD projects: Biomarkers of Genotoxic and reprotoxic effects after exposure in human Genotoxicology Research collaborators: Prof Diana Anderson University of Bradford Prof Anant Paradkar University of Bradford Dr Maojgan Najafzadeh University of Bradford Dr Khaled Assi University of Bradford Educational Research collaborators: Prof Tim Palmer University of Bradford Dr Diana Wood University of Bradford Dr Bishwa Tuladhar University of Bradford Darren Brown University of Bradford


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleDevelopment and evaluation of nanoemulsion and microsuspension formulations of curcuminoids for lung delivery with a novel approach to understanding the aerosol performance of nanoparticles (2019)
AuthorsAl Ayoub, Yuosef; Gopalan, Rajendran C.; Najafzadeh, Mojgan; Mohammad, Mohammad A.; Anderson, Diana; Paradkar, Anant R.; Assi, Khaled H.
TitleDNA Damage in Healthy Individuals and Respiratory Patients after Treating Whole Blood In vitro with the Bulk and Nano Forms of NSAIDs (2016)
AuthorsNajafzadeh, Mojgan; Normington, Charmaine; Jacob, B.K.; Isreb, Mohammad; Gopalan, Rajendran C.; Anderson, Diana
TitleSensitivity and specificity of the empirical lymphocyte genome sensitivity (LGS) assay: implications for improving cancer diagnostics. (2014)
AuthorsAnderson, Diana; Najafzadeh, Mojgan; Gopalan, Rajendran C.; Ghaderi, Nader; Scally, Andy J.; Britland, Stephen T.; Jacobs, B.J.; Reynolds, P.D.; Davies, J.; Wright, A.L.; Al-Ghazal, S.; Sharpe, D.; Denyer, Morgan C.T.
TitleEffect of drinking water disinfection by-products in human peripheral blood lymphocytes and sperm (2014)
AuthorsAli, Aftab H.M.; Kurzawa-Zegota, Malgorzata; Najafzadeh, Mojgan; Gopalan, Rajendran C.; Plewa, M.J.; Anderson, Diana
TitleIn vitro sensitivities to UVA of lymphocytes from patients with colon and melanoma cancers and precancerous states in the micronucleus and the Comet assays (2012)
AuthorsNajafzadeh M.;Baumgartner A.;Gopalan R.;Davies J.;Wright A.;Reynolds P.;Anderson D.
TitleEffects of the antimalarial compound cryptolepine and its analogues in human lymphocytes and sperm in the Comet assay (2011)
AuthorsGopalan, Rajendran C.; Emerce, E.; Wright, Colin W.; Karahalil, B.; Karakaya, A.E.; Anderson, Diana
TitleThe effect of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide nanoparticles in the Comet assay with UVA photoactivation of human sperm and lymphocytes (2009)
AuthorsGopalan R.;Osman I.;Amani A.;De Matas M.;Anderson D.
TitleTechnique for cryopreservation of intestinal smooth muscle cells (2008)
AuthorsBatista Lobo S.;Denyer M.;Gopalan R.;Javid F.