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My major research (around 50million total cash grants and contracts) is in-process measurements on polymers, real time computer control, analysis and computer modelling of polymer processing. I am Professor of Polymer Engineering at the University of Bradford, UK and Director of the internationally recognised Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) in Polymer Science and Technology, with some 30 researchers. I have published extensively - over 300 papers, in scientific journals and international conferences, and have co-authored 9 books, and edited 11 books. I hold 12 patents. My research is internationally recognised, with many keynote addresses and worldwide collaborations (particularly Europe, N America, China, Australia and Japan), and I have developed the UK centre for in-process measurements. Main themes are: (i) analysis/modelling of polymer processing mechanics, involving experimental characterisations of the solid and fluid phase rheology of polymers, with novel rheo-optical, ultrasound techniques and in-process spectroscopy; (ii) processing machinery design and control of processing, especially in the fields of injection moulding, extrusion and reactive processing - encompassing determination of process dynamic responses to the deconvolution of machine and raw material variables for real time closed loop process control; (iii) computer modelling of solid and melt phase processing - used in process design and control (with a licensed polymer orientation process), and for insight into deformation and flow mechanisms - my computer modelling research centre adjoins the experimental laboratory. I have strategically linked all UK academics in cooperative research, as leader or board member: Director of the Polymer IRC, leader of EPSRC major collaborative programme on Enhanced Polymer Processing (2.7m, 3 Universities and 10 companies), DTI In-process measurements programme (.25m, 40 companies) and EPSRC Networks for Computer Modelling of Polymer Processing (11 UK Universities and 6 organisations) and (b) In Process Measurements which links 14 UK Universities and a range of organisations); Board member of EPSRC major collaborative programmes on Microscale flows (2.5m, 6 Universities and 6 companies), Faraday Plastics (2.2m, 4 University groups and industry), and director of MeDe Innovation, the 5.7m EPSRC Centre of Innovative Manufacturing in Medical Devices, founded in 2013 across Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield Universities. I lead the EPSRC Science Bridges China programme (1.8m, with ~10m levered funding in China).