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Nejat Rahmanian

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Faculty/Dept/School Department of Chemical Engineering
(Faculty of Engineering and Informatics)
Telephone +441274 234552


[1] Process modelling, simulation and optimisation of hydrocarbon(oil/gas) processes such as carbon capture from natural gas and flue gases, prilling process, LNG production, crude oil stabilisation, gas condensate stabilisation and MEG recovery. The involved softwares are Aspen Hysys, Aspen PLUS, gPROMS, gSOLID, Fluent for CFD, Matlab, EDEM, OLGA 2000, FORTRAN and C++. [2] Current research on gas processing in particular CO2 captures using absorption and membrane process. [3] Powder technology and in particular on particle characterization, granulation technology with emphasis on scale-up and the product-process relationships, milling, crystallization and prilling. [4] 2D and 3D structure characterization of particles using SEM and X-ray micro tomography, respectively. This is followed by Image Processing. [5] General chemical engineering subjects such as water and wastewater analysis. [6] Multi-disciplinary subjects such as design of diabetic shoes and self-cleaning fabrics.