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Yunis Alam is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Bradford. He has particular interests in public sociology, ethnography, ethnic relations, consumption, popular culture and how these relate with and have an impact on identity. 


Ethnic relations, consumption, radicalisation, social cohesion, multiculturalism, ethnography, public sociology. I have completed a number of externally funded research projects, each exploring some of themes outlined above, using, in the main, an ethnographic methodology.

I am presently exploring the significance and sociological understanding of car culture. I have given a number of high profile conference/seminar papers around the car, ethnicity and identity and also produced a research article exploring similar themes. Using research that has underpinned this work, I am developing a more intensive research project which looks at a range of interlinked issues, including consumption, taste, the performance of ‘race’ and racism in greater depth. On the basis of this research, I hope to publish a book by 2020 (under contract with Policy Press).