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I am a sociologist with a PhD in Social Policy from London School of Economics. Before joining Bradford University as a Lecturer, I held the position of Teaching Fellow in Sociology at Sciences Po Paris.

My current research work focuses on the relationship between migration, masculinity and race across the Central Mediterranean migration route (CMR), which connects Sub-Saharan Africa to Southern Europe. Over the last decade, this has been a central topic in contemporary European debates on migration, security, and citizenship; and assumes a particular relevance today with the Covid 19 pandemic reshaping new patterns of structural discrimination and violence against refugees and migrants. My work has been placed in leading journals in the field of migration studies such as Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and Journal of Refugee Studies.

Delivering high quality teaching and supervision in the fields of sociology, social policy and research methods is the cornerstone of my professional experience. I am particularly passionate about the value of integrating research into teaching with a focus on experiential, research-led and inclusive learning. I see the classroom as a safe space where knowledge can be exchanged and co-produced via problem-based or inquiry-based learning, with the primary aim of engaging every student to ensure that they fully participate in the learning experience.

My research and teaching works is extremely inteconnected  with my activist experience. Prior to pursuing a PhD, I worked at the Italian Parliament as a parliamentary assistant, mainly focusing on human rights, equality and minorities, and I sat on the board of several LGBTIQ+ and youth political organisations both in Italy and at the European level.


 masculinity, migration, race, sexuality, inequalities, qualitative research, ethnography, narrative research, social policy, populism, refugee experience and asylum policy.


Teaching interests

general sociology, social theory, sociology of migration, masculinity and gender theory, global social policy, inequalities, identity and intersectionality, sexuality and qualitative research methods