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Julie Thornton

Director, Centre for Skin Sciences

Faculty/Dept/School School of Chemistry and Bioscience
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 235517


I am the Academic Director of the Centre for Skin Sciences (, one of the most well known academic centres in Britain for research and teaching in skin science. The Centre has a faculty of internationally renowned scientists whose mission is to better understand skin and hair biology, to provide an exciting research environment for our graduate and post graduate students and to foster successful partnerships with companies developing innovative new products for consumers and patients. Our research explores the cellular and molecular processes underlying skin and hair biology in both health and disease including world leading research focussed on the role of epigenetic processes in skin and hair biology.

I am also the Academic lead for the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU)  a charity established in the aftermath of the fire disaster at the Bradford City football club in 1985
( Building on almost 35 years of research into wound healing and scarring, this long standing unit provides a strong foundation for our young doctors who set out to pursue a career in Plastic Surgery and encourages them to embark on innovative research projects that generate evidence for practising evidence-based medicine. The unit has trained a number of research fellows over the years, with many now working as established consultants in various parts of the UK.

As a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences I teach undergraduate and graduate students, and have a number of Ph.D. students working under my supervision. I am the option convenor for the Cellular Pathology specialist option in the final year of the undergraduate Biomedical Sciences programme and I am the module leader for the level 6 module, Research Topics in Medical Cell Biology.

I am also a member of the Equality Diversity and Opportunities Group, in the School of Chemistry and Biosciences. The School received the Athena SWAN Bronze award in 2018. 

However, I consider my greatest achievements to be my two sons, Tom and James. 

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-19: , Conference Organising Committee: British Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting, Bradford, UK
  • 01-JAN-16: , Conference Organising Committee: Epigenetic Control of Skin Regeneration, Ageing and Disease. International Symposium, Bradford, UK
  • 01-JAN-15: , Conference Organising Committee: Meeting of the Heads of University Centres of Biomedical Sciences, (HUCBMS), Annual Meeting, Bradford
  • 01-JAN-13: , Conference Organising Committee: Meeting of the 7th World Congress for Hair Research, Edinburgh 
  • 01-JAN-11: , Conference Organising Committee: Wound Healing Society Basics Course, Dallas, USA,
  • 01-JAN-10: , Conference Organising Committee: Wound Healing Society Basics Course, Orlando, USA,
  • 01-JAN-09: , Conference Organising Committee: Wound Healing Society Basics Course, Dallas, USA,
  • 01-JAN-08: , Conference Organising Committee: Wound Healing Society Basics Course, San Diego, USA,
  • 01-JAN-00: , Conference Organising Committee: Meeting of the European Hair Research Society, York, UK
  • , Member of the University of Bradford Course Approval and Review Team (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • , Member of the Collaborative Provision Audit Working Group
  • , Alternate member of the University's Course Approval and Review Panel
  • , Transfer Review Panel - approve transfer of postgraduate students to PhD status following Viva Voce (Faculty of Life Sciences)
  • , Member of the British Society for Investigative Dermatology 
  • , Member of the European Hair Research Society
  • , Editorial Board Member: Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, Cell Biology Section of the Board Impact factor 5.578
  • 01-JAN-17: , Advisory Board: Wounds 2017 (UK) with the remit of building this annual conference into a major international congress