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Muhammad Faisal

Senior Research Fellow in Biostatistics

Faculty/Dept/School Bradford Evaluation & Trials Unit (BETU)
(Faculty of Health Studies)


Muhammad Faisal is a Senior Research Fellow in Biostatistics in Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford. Before joining the University of Bradford in January 2015, I was Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (Pakistan). My research expertise lies in the development and external validation of clinical prediction model.

I have been involved in the linkage of large novel data sets such as the Born in Bradford research data linkage with primary and secondary care data. Currently, I am working on a variety of projects that deal with applied statistical such as developing computer aided-risk score for sepsis (CARS) and death (CARM) and bioinformatics challenges such as exploring ‘spelling mistake’ at  DNA level in  Born in Bradford (BiB) participants with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) using exome sequencing data. I have been involved in establishing an NHS-R community to exploit the power of R for the NHS, which is funded by the Health Foundation.

Research interests
  • Clinical Prediction Modeling
  • Big Data Analysis & Causal Inference
  • Statistical Genomics & Bioinformatics 


Date Role Title / Description Funder Award
01-OCT-15 - Lead StatisticanDevelopment of computer-aided risk scores for predicting mortality & sepsis

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-12: University of Vienna, Austria - PhD
  • English
  • Urdu


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