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Anaya, Lina, Howley, Peter, Waqas, Muhammad, & Yalonetzky, Gastón. (2021). Locked down in distress: a causal estimation of the mental-health fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Available at:

Anaya, Lina, Nagore Iriberri, Pedro Rey-Biel, & Gema Zamarro. (2021). Understanding Performance in Test Taking: The Role of Question Difficulty Order. (EdWorkingPaper: 21-392). Retrieved from Annenberg Institute at Brown University:

Anaya, Lina, & Gema Zamarro. (2020). The role of student effort on performance in PISA: Revisiting the gender gap in achievement. (EdWorkingPaper: 20-295). Available at: Annenberg Institute at Brown University:

Anaya, Lina, Stafford, Frank, & Zamarro, Gema (2017). Gender Gaps in Math Performance, Perceived Mathematical Ability and College STEM Education: The Role of Parental Occupation. EDRE Working Paper No. 2017-21. Available at:

The role of the neighbourhood environment in shaping the mental health consequences of Covid-19

Quasi-experimental evaluation of the role of neighbourhood characteristics on shaping mental health during the pandemic in the UK.   In collaboration with Professor Peter Howley (University of Leeds), Dr Muhammad Waqas (University of Bradford), and Dr Gastón Yalonetzky (University of Leeds).  

Who strives when the test gets harder? Disentangling patters of student effort in PISA

Study of the extent to which test structure affects student effort throughout the assessment using panel data models.   In collaboration with Professor Gema Zamarro (University of Arkansas).  

Student Academic Motivation and Non-Cognitive Skills: Improving Comparability across Cultures and Gender with the Anchoring Vignettes Method

Study of the role of student motivation and student effort on explaining math and science interests and achievement in PISA, as well as the use of anchoring vignettes and student effort measures to improve the comparability of self-reported measures of academic motivation.   In collaboration with Hana Voňková (Charles University, Czech Republic), Gema Zamarro (University of Arkansas), Ondřej Papajoanu (Charles University, Czech Republic), and Katerina Kralova (Charles University, Czech Republic).     

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum program evaluation

Quantitative and qualitative program evaluation of student and teacher attitudes towards a STEM curriculum implemented at the elementary and middle school level in a southern school district in the United States.   In collaboration with Dr. Sarah McKenzie, Executive Director of the Office for Education Policy (University of Arkansas).


  • Education Economics
  • Gender Gaps
  • Social Inequalities
  • Social Justice