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Dr Karthic Swaminathan

Lecturer in Skin Sciences

Faculty/Dept/School School of Chemistry and Bioscience
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 234174


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleThe RAC1 target NCKAP1 plays a crucial role in progression of BRAF/PTEN -driven melanoma in mice. (2020)
AuthorsSwaminathan K;Campbell A;Papalazarou V;Jaber-Hijazi F;Nixon C;McGhee E;Strathdee D;Sansom OJ;Machesky LM;
JournalJournal of Investigative Dermatology
TitleThe WAVE Regulatory Complex Is Required to Balance Protrusion and Adhesion in Migration. (2020)
AuthorsWhitelaw JA;Swaminathan K;Kage F;Machesky LM;
TitleWASP Restricts Active Rac to Maintain Cells' Front-Rear Polarization. (2019)
AuthorsAmato C;Thomason PA;Davidson AJ;Swaminathan K;Ismail S;Machesky LM;Insall RH;
JournalCurrent Biology : Cb
TitleCoordination by Cdc42 of Actin, Contractility, and Adhesion for Melanoblast Movement in Mouse Skin. (2017)
AuthorsWoodham EF;Paul NR;Tyrrell B;Spence HJ;Swaminathan K;Scribner MR;Giampazolias E;Hedley A;Clark W;Kage F;Marston DJ;Hahn KM;Tait SW;Larue L;Brakebusch CH;Insall RH;Machesky LM;
JournalCurrent Biology : Cb
TitleTumor matrix stiffness promotes metastatic cancer cell interaction with the endothelium (2017)
AuthorsReid, SE; Kay, EJ; Neilson, LJ; Henze, AT; Serneels, J; McGhee, EJ; Dhayade, S; Nixon, C; Mackey, JB; Santi, A; Swaminathan, Karthic; Athineos, D; Papalazarou, V; Patella, F; Roman-Fernandez, A; ElMaghloob, Y; Hernandez-Fernaud, JR; Adams, RH; Ismail, S; Bryant, DM; Salmeron-Sanchez, M; Machesky, LM; Carlin, LM; Blyth, K; Mazzone, M; Zanivan, S
JournalEMBO Journal
TitleNovel Coronin7 interactions with Cdc42 and N-WASP regulate actin organization and Golgi morphology. (2016)
AuthorsBhattacharya K;Swaminathan K;Peche VS;Clemen CS;Knyphausen P;Lammers M;Noegel AA;Rastetter RH;
JournalScientific Reports
TitleCoronin7 regulates WASP and SCAR through CRIB mediated interaction with Rac proteins (2015)
AuthorsSwaminathan, Karthic; Stumpf, M; Mueller, R; Horn, AC; Schmidbauer, J; Eichinger, L; Mueller Taubenberger, A; Faix, J; Noegel, AA
JournalScientific Reports
TitleA Cdc42- and Rac-interactive binding (CRIB) domain mediates functions of coronin. (2014)
AuthorsSwaminathan K;Müller-Taubenberger A;Faix J;Rivero F;Noegel AA;
JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
TitleThe Dictyostelium discoideum RACK1 orthologue has roles in growth and development. (2014)
AuthorsOmosigho NN;Swaminathan K;Plomann M;Müller-Taubenberger A;Noegel AA;Riyahi TY;
JournalCell Communication And Signaling : Ccs
TitleMutations in LMNA modulate the lamin A--Nesprin-2 interaction and cause LINC complex alterations. (2013)
AuthorsYang L;Munck M;Swaminathan K;Kapinos LE;Noegel AA;Neumann S;
JournalPLoS ONE
TitleThe cytohesin paralog Sec7 of Dictyostelium discoideum is required for phagocytosis and cell motility. (2013)
AuthorsMüller R;Herr C;Sukumaran SK;Omosigho NN;Plomann M;Riyahi TY;Stumpf M;Swaminathan K;Tsangarides M;Yiannakou K;Blau-Wasser R;Gallinger C;Schleicher M;Kolanus W;Noegel AA;
JournalCell Communication And Signaling : Ccs