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I have been at the University of Bradford since 2012 and enjoy teaching and researching in such a world-leading department. I am interested in inter-disciplinary approaches to understanding the past, and the role of the past today, as evidenced in my recent Arts and Humanities Research Council Project, ‘Continuing Bonds: exploring the meaning and legacy of death through past and contemporary practice’, which unites Archaeology with End of Life Care (, and the Dying to Talk Project ( which co-produced a resource encouraging young people to discuss death and dying. 

My research also focuses on Middle Eastern prehistory, particularly funerary archaeology – investigating how people treated their dead in the past. My British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship resulted in the publication of ‘Death and Dying in the Neolithic Near East’ (2012, Oxford University Press). 

My current research in Jordan unites the above research strands, focusing on the role that cultural heritage plays in identity, social cohesion, and in providing a sense of place, particularly for displaced and host communities. 

I have lectured at Manchester and Liverpool Universities and have worked for the University of Manchester's Widening Participation Team, and for the Higher Education Academy's Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology (based at Liverpool University), where I researched and worked on topics including diversity and inclusivity, fieldwork, employability and enterprise, and sustainability.These prior positions and my current research reflect my interest in methodological issues of interpretation, representation and the portrayal of the past in the present.


Death and Dying: Funerary archaeology and mortuary practices across the world and through time, particularly of the Neolithic of the Middle East/Southwest Asia, investigating themes such as identity, gender and personhood.  

Archaeology and its relevance today: Communicating the value of archaeology, and pioneering a new approach to encouraging talk about death and dying today, through the use of the past and  The role of archaeology in using creative media to discuss difficult topics, the topic of Continuing Bonds: Creative Disseminations (due to start Jan 2019) and work allied with the Whitworth Park Project, Manchester. 

Role of archaeology and cultural heritage to displaced communities and host communities, particularly in Jordan and the Middle East, as well as highlighting role of cultural heritage in social cohesion. 

Archaeological pedagogy (research in teaching and learning in archaeology). Currently co-authoring 
Assembling Archaeology: A relational approach to teaching, practice and research, Oxford University Press.

Undercutting these research areas is a motivation to promote equality, diversity and inclusivity in research and teaching. 
Date Role Title / Description Funder Award
- Project leader (Principle Investigator)Dying to Talk: an interdisciplinary project working with charities and community groups in Bradford
01-APR-18 - 31-AUG-18Principle InvestigatorContinuing Bonds: Exploring the meaning and legacy of death through past and contemporary practice
- Co-InvestigatorBReaTHe: Building Resilience through Heritage

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-05: University of Manchester - PhD in Archaeology
  • 01-JAN-01: University of Manchester - MA in Archaeology (with Distinction)
  • 01-JAN-00: University of Manchester - BA(Hons) in Archaeology (First Class)
  • 01-JAN-11: University of Manchester - British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Chair, British Association for Near Eastern Archaeology Steering Group
  • Higher Education Academy Senior Fellow
  • GENOVATE for Life Sciences, University of Bradford


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