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Jian-Ping Li

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Faculty/Dept/School Department of Mechanical and Energy Systems Engineering
(Faculty of Engineering and Informatics)
Telephone +441274 234539


Jian-Ping Li is a lecturer in Engineering Optimisation and the Director of Postgraduate Research in the faculty of Engineering and Informatics. He used to be an associate professor in Hebei Institute of Science and technology in China in 1997. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Manchester (2004) within 2 years and an M.Sc degree in Mechanical Optimisation from Nanjing University of Science and Technology in 1989. He worked as a visitor on engineering optimisation in the Department of Engineering, Cambridge University in 2000-2001. Jian-Ping has extensive track record on the development of optimisation methodologies, such as boundary theory and algorithms for reliability optimisation, general conjugate vector methods for minimax optimisation problems and species conserving genetic algorithms for multimodal optimisation. Jian-Ping has published more than 90 papers and some papers are published in the related leading journals, such as Evolutionary Computation, IEEE on Reliability, Chemical Journal etc. Current research interests revolve around modelling complex systems, the development of modelling and optimisation system (MoS), and the application of his research on optimisation algorithms to solve different kinds of complex engineering problems by collaborating with different people.


  • Optimisation theory and algorithms
    • Species conservation genetic algorithm (SCGA)
    • Multiobjective optimisation using genetic algorithms
    • Boundary theory and algorithm
    • Heuristic optimisation methods
    • Continuous minimax optimisation
  • Engineering Optimisation
    • Engine calibration optimization
    • Mechanical optimisation
    • Truss Structure optimisation
    • Reliability and maintainability
    • Service modelling and optimisation
    • Mechanical failure modelling in virtual reality environment.
    • Effect of material inhomogeneity on reliability
    • System reliability optimisation
    • Maintainability design
  • Programming in researches
    • Modelling and Optimization System (MoS)