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Dr Janet Mcnally

Research Associate

Faculty/Dept/School The Centre for Applied Dementia Studies
(Faculty of Health Studies)
Telephone +441274 238069


Janet worked for 17 years in a range of roles in statutory and voluntary sector mental health services and is a qualified mental health social worker. She also has a professional qualification in speech and language therapy having retrained in this area in 2005. Since retraining, Janet has worked on a number of research projects relating to health, psychology and communication including stroke, autism and infant communication. She completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Leeds and subsequently joined the Centre for Applied Dementia Studies in 2018 to work as a researcher on the 4D Project (Diagnosing and Detecting types of Dementia and Delirium in the community). Janet joined the lecturing team in the department in October 2019. More recently, she has been working in a cross faculty role supporting the development of distance and blended learning in the Faculty of Health Studies.


Peer Reviewed Journal
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Book Chapters
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Conference Contributions
AuthorsMcNally, J., Hugh-Jones, S. and Hetherington, M.
Title Author(s)
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