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Dr Iuri Marques

Casual Research Assistant (Faculty LS)

Faculty/Dept/School Professional Services


I am a Research Fellow in Safe Use of Medicines with particular interest in medicines management, transitions of care and frailty. I am currently investigating deprescribing (i.e. the process of tapering and stopping medicines) and how it can be used to improve the health of older patients living with frailty. I am also collaborating in a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) programme exploring and improving medicines management at transitions of care for people with heart failure. Before I joined the University of Bradford I was involved in a study investigating Organisational Culture in community pharmacy and its possible link to community pharmacists perceptions of work pressures, as part of my PhD at the University of Manchester. I have always had a strong interest in conducting research involving patients and their experiences of healthcare.


Research for Patient Benefit

Patients and Public Involvement and Engagement

Safe Use of Medicines

Healthcare Delivery

Development, re-design, improvement and evaluation of health services

Older patients


Date Role Title / Description Funder Award
- Research Fellow/Programme ManagementEvaluation of Community Pharmacist Joint Working with Primary Care Medical Practices in the Sheffield Primary Care Pharmacy Programme
- Research FellowIncreasing the Safety and Continuity of Medicines Management at Care Transitions
- Senior Research Fellow/Programme ManagementDeciding to Deprescribe


Teaching highlights

Safe Use of Medicines and Deprescribing

Medication Errors/Error Theory

Human Factors

Research Methods

Teaching interests

Patient Safety

Human Factors 

Error Theory

Medication Errors

Safe Use of Medicines

Research Methods

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-16: University of Bradford - Postgraduate Certificate in Patient Safety
  • 01-JAN-16: University of Manchester - PhD


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleGaps, traps, bridges and props: a mixed-methods study of resilience in the medicines management system for patients with heart failure at hospital discharge (2019)
AuthorsFylan B;Marques I;Ismail H;Breen L;Gardner P;Armitage G;Blenkinsopp A
JournalBMJ Open
TitlePharmacist joint-working with general practices: evaluating the Sheffield Primary Care Pharmacy Programme. A mixed- methods study (2018)
AuthorsMarques, Iuri; Gray, N.J.; Tsoneva, J.; Magirr, P.; Blenkinsopp, Alison
TitleDevelopment of an instrument to measure organisational culture in community pharmacies in Great Britain. (2018)
AuthorsMarques I;Willis SC;Schafheutle EI;Hassell K;
JournalJournal Of Health, Organization And Management
Published Reports
TitleEvaluation of community pharmacist joint working with primary care medical practices in the Primary Care Sheffield Pharmacy Programme (PCPP) (2019)
AuthorsMarques, Iuri; Gray, N.; Blenkinsopp, Alison
Other Publications
Other typePresentation
TitleHow do we avoid the ‘ever decreasing circles syndrome’ in service improvement? (2018)
AuthorsManzoor, A.; Breen, Liz; Marques, Iuri; Edwards, Zoe
Other typeAbstract
TitleThe safety and continuity of medicines at transitions of care for people with heart failure (2017)
AuthorsFylan, Beth; Armitage, Gerry R.; Breen, Liz; Gardner, P.; Ismail, Hanif; Marques, Iuri; Blenkinsopp, Alison
Title Author(s)
How do we avoid the ‘ever decreasing circles syndrome’ in service improvement? (2018)Manzoor. A, Breen. L, Marques. I, Edwards. Z
Reducing inappropriate polypharmacy through a patient-centred, shared decision-making model of deprescribing (2017)Marques I, Petty D, Raynor T, Blenkinsopp A
Deprescribing models: review of the evidence (2017)marques I, Petty D, Raynor T, Blenkinsopp A
Community pharmacists' perceptions of workload in England: The influence of organisational support (2014)Marques, I; Willis, S; Hassell, K