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Dr Ilias Kapsis

Associate Professor

Faculty/Dept/School School of Law
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 235644


Ilias graduated from the Law School of Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995. He qualified as a Greek lawyer in 1998. From 2001-2008 Ilias studied law as a LLM and PhD researcher at the University of Bristol. In 2005 he completed his PhD thesis in European Competition Law and in 2009 he completed a LLM by Research on the legal status of Sustainable Development. In 2010 he obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice at the University of Bradford and in 2019 he completed a MBA degree at the University of Bradford. 

Ilias joined the Law School of the University of Bradford as a full-time lecturer in August 2008.


Ilias's expertise includes Banking & Finance Law, Commercial Law, Technology Law, Competition Law and Law of Sustainable Development.  My research has focused on financial services, technology and energy with emphasis on financial regulation; fintech; cryptocurrencies; money laundering; artificial intelligence; data protection; bank competition; corporate social responsibility in financial services and energy; unconventional and renewable energy. 

Current PhD students:

  • Tamarakemiebi Koroye, Analysing the Adoption of a Digital Currency by the African Union in Promotion of the AFCFTA and a Singular  and  Singular Continental Market (Principal Supervisor)
  • Henrieta Foli, The Regulation and Supervision of Financial Intermediaries: A Comparative Assessment of the Legal Regime for Collapsing Banks in Ghana and the United Kingdom (Principal Supervisor)
  • Xingyu Chen, Foreign Direct Investment in the EU and UK after Brexit (Principal Supervisor)
  • Mohammad Imran, Issues in implementing electronic Bill of lading (Principal Supervisor)
  • Iftikhar Ahmed, Switching from Paper to Electronic Bill of Lading: Legal Schemes and Reform Options in Pakistan and United Kingdom (Principal Supervisor)
  • Moses Dickson, Bilateral Investment Treaties and the Protection of Environmental Rights: A case study for Nigel Delta (Co-supervisor)

Ilias Kapsis (2020), "Regulation of Artificial Intelligence: Current Issues and Debates", AI Tech North 2020. 

Conference Presentations:

-Ilias Kapsis (2023) "Proposing a new model for the regulation of digital assets and technological innovation" Conference on Financial Law and Regulation, London School of Economics, 12 September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2023), "The new EU AML/CFT legislative package: have lessons been learned?" Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Oxford Brookes, 27-30 June.

-Neeti Shikha, Ilias Kapsis (2023), "Exploring  Insolvency and Resolvability Options for Indian Banks" Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, Oxford Brookes, 27-30 June. 

-Ilias Kapsis (2023), The end of the 'too-big-to-fail' bank problem in EU: a myth or a (soon to be) reality? Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Ulster University, 4-6 April. 

-Ilias Kapsis, Neeti Shikha (2023), “The Single Resolution Mechanism for Failing Banks in the European Union: Lessons for India”, 2nd International Research Conference on Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore campus, India, 23rd- 25th February.

-Ilias Kapsis (2022), "Lessons for Regulators and Supervisors from the Implementation of FATF Standards on Virtual Assets and Virtual Asset Service Providers", Conference: Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, and Alternative Payments, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, 13-14 Oct.

-Ilias Kapsis (2022), "Seeking the Right Balance: the Regulation on the European Crowdfunding Service Providers", Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference. King's College London, 6-9 September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2022), "A critical Review of the Application of Investor Protection Rules under EU Law to Cases Involving Robo-advisors",  Conference on Financial Law and Regulation, UCL London, 30 June – 1 July 2022.

-Engobo Emeseh, Pedi Obani, Ilias Kapsis  (2022) "Mainstreaming Sustainability in Legal Education: An Interdisciplinary Approach at the University of Bradford School of Law", Directions in Legal Education 2022, Online Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong,10-11 June.

-Ilias Kapsis (2022), Regulation of Unsecured Credit: the case of Buy Now Pay Later" Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, York University, April.

-Ilias Kapsis (2021), “Is the FATF Framework for the Regulation of Crypto-assets Fit for Purpose? Looking at the Evidence two Years after its Adoption”, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, University of Durham, September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2021), “When Digital Transformation met MiCA: a Critical Review of the Commission’s Proposed Framework for the Regulation of Crypto-assets ”, Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Cardiff University, April.

-Ilias Kapsis (2020), "Regulating Artificial Intelligence Use in Financial Services: the Case of European Union". Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, University of Exeter, September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2019), “Should we trade market stability for more financial inclusion? The case of crypto-assets’ regulation in EU”, Conference, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence and the Law: Right balance of financial in-novation and inclusion?, Liverpool John Moores University, June. 

-Ilias Kapsis (2019), “Cryptocurrencies: the Quest for Legitimacy”, Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference, University of Central Lancashire, September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2019), “The EU approach to fintech: balancing innovation, competition and stability in financial markets”, Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Leeds, April.

-Ilias Kapsis (2018), “The Evolving nature of Money Laundering and the Failure of the Law”, Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Bristol, March.

-Ilias Kapsis (2017), “The consequences of reforms to financial regulation for the financial services industry and beyond”, Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Newcastle, April.

-Ilias Kapsis (2017), “Can Banks be socially responsible actors?” Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Newcastle, April.

-Ilias Kapsis (2014), “Criminal Liability for Senior Bankers under the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act”,Annual Conference of the Society of Legal Scholars, Nottingham, September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2013), “UK Banking reform: ring-fencing banks for stability but at what cost?” Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, University of York, March.

-Ilias Kapsis (2012), ‘Reform of Financial Regulation In UK: Have We Learned The Lessons?’, Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, De Montfort Law School, UK, April.

-Ilias Kapsis (2012), ‘Reform Of Financial Regulation In UK: Have We Learned The Lessons?’, Annual Conference of the Society of Legal Scholars, Bristol, UK, September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2011), ‘The New European Supervisory Architecture for the Financial Sector’, Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Sussex, April.

-Ilias Kapsis (2010) ,"Challenges for Competition Policy in EU Banking Sector in a Post-crisis Environment", Society of Legal Scholars Conference, Southampton, September.

-Ilias Kapsis (2010), "The Implications of the Recent Financial Crisis For Competition in EU Banking Sector", Annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Bristol,  March.


Teaching interests

Teaching interests:

Banking & Finance Law, Regulation of Fintech & Virtual Assets, Regulation of technology & Artificial Intelligence, International Commercial Law, Law of E-Commerce, Land Law, Competition Law.  

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-95: Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece -  Law degree
  • 01-JAN-05: University of Bristol -  PhD
  • 01-JAN-09: University of Bristol - LLM
  • 01-JAN-19: University of Bradford - MBA
  • Fellow: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


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