Elaine Brown

Senior Lecturer

RoleSenior Lecturer
Faculty/Dept/SchoolFaculty of Engineering & Informatics / Chemical Engineering


Dr Elaine Brown is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, with a first degree in Manufacturing Systems with Mechanical Engineering (Bradford) and a PhD in Ultrasonic Monitoring of Polymer Melt Extrusion (Bradford). She has worked in the IRC Laboratories at Bradford for over 20 years, initially as a Research Engineer and now as a University Academic. Her research on in-process measurements has focused on applying ultrasound to measure melt and/or process properties in-line during extrusion, injection moulding and micromoulding, and on methods of measuring polymer melt temperature. More recently her research interests have grown to include the applications of high power ultrasound in polymer melt and pharmaceutical processing. She acts as coordinator for ultrasound techniques within the Centres for Advanced Materials, Micro and Nanotechnology and Pharmaceutical Engineering Science. Ultrasonic technology provides a robust, adaptable and non-invasive in-process measurement that can be widely applied. Work at Bradford encompasses investigations into extrusion, micromoulding, injection moulding, including GAIM/WAIM, and processes allied to rotational moulding. Ultrasound is a mechanical wave; changes in the velocity, attenuation and reflection coefficients of the high frequency waves are related to the state and conditions of the materials through which they propagate.