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Teaching interests

Polymer Science, Polymer Engineering and Processing, Polymer Physics, Materials Chemistry, Organic Chemistry.


- Polymer blends, compounds and additives: solid state and melt properties, miscibility and compatibilisation strategies, interface properties, shear induced mixing and de-mixing phenomena, plasticization and anti-plasticization, di-block copolymers and amphiphiles.
- Polymer processing: thin films precision extrusion, blown film extrusion, film coating processes, melt spinning of polymer fibres, compression moulding.
- Surface analyses: compositional and structural analysis (XPS, ATR-FTIR), water contact angle, Surface free energy, adhesive properties.
- Bio-materials and drug-delivery systems: bio-absorbable aliphatic polyester blends for implantable orthopaedic devices, UHMWPE nanocomposites for prosthetic applications, drug-release rate and bio-compatibility.