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Daniel Neagu

Professor of Computing

Faculty/Dept/School Department of Computer Science
(Faculty of Engineering and Informatics)
Telephone +441274 235704


Daniel Neagu's research focuses on Artificial Intelligence techniques applied in (Automotive) Engineering, Product Safety, Toxicology, Healthcare, Online Social Networks, Data Quality, Big Data. Daniels research has been motivated by his desire to advance the AI field by studying systems from rigorous computational perspectives. The main theme throughout his academic work is to develop models of multidisciplinary information systems by the fusion of experts knowledge and digital information. He strongly believes Computer Science is now a media for knowledge representation, exchange and retrieval to serve multidisciplinary objectives and purposes. Mining information to identify key attributes and making unknown, hidden, distributed information accessible to people plays a vital role in the progress of science and technology, thus Daniels work addresses applications as diverse as health, security and entertainment.
Research Groups: Artificial Intelligence