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Dr Davide Dapelo

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

Faculty/Dept/School Professional Services
Telephone +441274 233686


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Lattice-Boltzmann Method

Date Role Title / Description Funder Award
01-APR-18 - 31-DEC-20Researcher Co-InvestigatorComputational Methods for Anaerobic Digestion Optimization (CoMAnDO)


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleTowards Lattice-Boltzmann modelling of unconfined gas mixing in anaerobic digestion (2019)
AuthorsDapelo, Davide; Trunk, R.; Krause, M.J.; Bridgeman, John
TitleEuler-Lagrange Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation of a full-scale unconfined anaerobic digester for wastewater sludge treatment (2018)
AuthorsDapelo D.;Bridgeman J.
JournalAdvances in Engineering Software
TitleAssessment of mixing quality in full-scale, biogas-mixed anaerobic digestion using CFD (2018)
AuthorsDapelo, Davide; Bridgeman, John
TitleInfluence of DC electric field upon the production of oil-in-water-in-oil double emulsions in upwards mm-scale channels at low electric field strength (2017)
AuthorsAlberini F.;Dapelo D.;Enjalbert R.;Van Crombrugge Y.;Simmons M.
JournalExperimental Thermal and Fluid Science
TitlePositron emission particle tracking (PEPT): A novel approach to flow visualisation in lab-scale anaerobic digesters (2017)
AuthorsSindall, R.C.; Dapelo, Davide; Leadbeater, T.; Bridgeman, John
TitleEuler-Lagrange CFD modelling of unconfined gas mixing in anaerobic digestion (2015)
AuthorsDapelo, D.; Alberini, F.; Bridgeman, John