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Dr Charles Vincent

Associate Professor

Faculty/Dept/School School of Management
(Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences)
Telephone +441274 232161


Charles Vincent, MSc, PhD, PDRF, FRSS, FHEA, FPPBA, MIScT, CMBE

He joined the University of Bradford as an Associate Professor of Artificial Intelligence for Business and Director of PGR Studies (PhD) within the School of Management. In his previous capacity, he was a Professor of Management Science, Director of Research, and Elected Member of the University Senate.  

He is a postdoctoral research fellow in maritime studies from National University of Singapore (NUS) and has Executive Certificates from the MIT Sloan School of Management (USA), Harvard Business School (USA), and IE Business School (Spain). He started his academic career in 1998. Overall, he has 25 years of teaching, research, and consulting experience in various countries, having been a full professor and director of research for more than a decade in triple-crown (accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA) business schools. He is a Visiting Chair Professor at the Ming Chuan University in Taipei, Taiwan. Further, he was an Honorary Professor at Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands, and an Affiliated Distinguished Research Professor at CENTRUM PUCP, Peru. He was awarded an FHEA status from Advance HE, UK. He is a Fellow of the Pan-Pacific Business Association (PPBA), USA; a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, UK; a Council Member of the Global Urban Competitiveness Project (GUCP), USA; a Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association Liaison to Peru, HETL USA; and a WiDS Ambassador 2018, WiDS Buckingham (in collaboration with Stanford University, USA). He is also an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and Accredited Educator and Advance HE Certified External Examiner, UK, as well as a Six Sigma Black Belt. He also has industry experience as a Chief Analytics Officer and has worked on projects in the telecommunications and retail industries.

He has received numerous international academic honours and awards, and has extensive experience organising and running executive and management development programmes, as well as CPD training programmes for both industry and academia around the world. He has published over 150 research outputs and serves on the editorial boards of several prestigious journals. 

Associate Editor: 

Expert Systems with Applications (AJG 3); Journal of The Operational Research Society (AJG 3); RAIRO-Operations Research (AJG 2); Machine Learning with Applications; Intelligent Systems with Applications; Decision Analytics Journal

Special Issue Editor: 

1. Journal of Business Research (AJG 3): Advancements in Artificial Intelligence-based Prescriptive and Cognitive Analytics for Business Performance.
2. Government Information Quarterly (AJG 3): Artificial Intelligence for Data-Driven Decision-Making and Governance in Public Affairs.
3. Information Systems Frontiers (AJG 3): The Next ‘Deep’ Thing in X to Z Marketing: An Artificial Intelligence Driven Approach.
4. OR Spectrum (AJG 3): Advancements in Stochastic DEA and Environmental Efficiency Applications.

5. Environmental Science & Policy (AJG 3): DEA-based index systems for addressing the United Nations’ SDGs.

6. Business Process Management Journal (AJG 2): Driving ESG performance through Artificial Intelligence-enhanced business process optimisation.


International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets (AJG 1)  Nov 2021 - April 2023

Areas of Focus: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Performance Measurement and Management (Productivity, Quality, Efficiency, Effectiveness); [Big] Data Science; Competitiveness; Social Progress; Doing Business; Innovation; and Design Thinking.  

Industry Exposure (Research and Consultancy):  Advertising (Branding), Agriculture & Agribusiness (Dry Apples), Transportation (Land – Public Transportation/ Marine – Logistics), Computer (Laptop Configuration), Consumer Products (Aerosols), Banking (Public/Private/Commercial), Education (Business Schools), Electronics (Assembled PCBs), and Manufacturing (Oil Rigs/ Tyres and Axles).


Areas of Focus: Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Leaning, [Big] Data Science; Performance Measurement and Management; Competitiveness; Social Progress; Doing Business; Innovation; and Design Thinking.


Teaching interests

1. Applied Machine Learning and Big Data Strategy

2. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

3. Artificial Intelligence for Business 

4. Big Data Analytics for Business

5. Practical Data Science for Business Research

6. Machine Learning for Business

7. Cloud Computing with Business Orientation 

8. Data Science for Business

9. Big Data Analytics for Service Operations Management 


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