Catherine Quinn

Lecturer (Centre of Applied Dem Studies)

RoleLecturer (Centre of Applied Dem Studies)
Faculty/Dept/SchoolFaculty of Health Studies / Centre for Applied Dementia Studies


Catherine’s interest in dementia and informal caregiving was initially founded her Master’s dissertation in which she analysed interviews with informal carers of with people with dementia. Her PhD in Psychology researched the role of motivations, meanings, and relationship quality in the experience of informal carers of people with dementia. This was a mixed-methods study, which involved informal carers, people with dementia, and Admiral Nurses.

Her interest in caregiving motivations and relationships led to her being a trial manager on a randomized controlled study which concerned improving care for people with advanced dementia residing in care homes (the AwareCare study: awareness in severe dementia). In this study she was involved in the development of the AwareCare observational tool (the AwareCare). After working on the AwareCare study, Catherine was awarded a grant to conduct a pilot trial of self-management in early-stage dementia (SMART). In this study she worked in collaboration with staff at Glan Traeth Memory clinic to develop a self-management intervention that could be offered within the memory clinic setting. During this period, she was also employed on the NeuroSKILL project and was involved in the development of training on neuroimaging in dementia. As part of this work she conducted research on the illness representations held by people with dementia and carers.

Her expertise in caregiving led to her being involved as a Co-Investigator on the IDEAL programme (living well with dementia). IDEAL is a 9-year research programme focused on ‘living well’ with dementia in Great Britain  This cohort study involves approximately 1547 people with dementia and 1283 informal carers at Time 1, who are followed up for five further time-points. Catherine is co-leading the work package on developing techniques for including the perspective of people with advanced dementia. Catherine works with the project involvement group, a group of people with dementia and carers who advise on different aspects of the project (the ALWAYs group; Action on Living Well: Asking You).


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