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Dr Conor Meehan

Assistant Professor

Faculty/Dept/School School of Chemistry and Bioscience
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 232112


Understanding how pathogens transmit between hosts and the underlying genomic mechanisms that confer resistance to drugs is crucial for reducing the incidence of infection and increasing the effectiveness of treatments.

Dr. Meehan's research focusses on the evolution and epidemiology of microbes, primarily pathogenic mycobacteria such as M. tuberculosis, M. ulcerans and M. leprae. His primary goal is to enhance incorporation of molecular techniques into clinical and public health settings for tracking drug resistance and pathogen transmission in high burden settings, with an emphasis on whole genome sequencing coupled with phylogenetics-based analyses.


Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission in high burden countries.
Incorporating whole genome sequencing into clinical decision making for the treatment of pathogens.
Improving bioinformatics techniques for pathogen detection and comparative genomics.


Teaching highlights

Sept 2019

Faculty – EPONGE, Arequipa, Peru  

Lecturing participants on phylogenetics, UNIX skills and Mycobacterium tuberculosis population structure.

June 2018, Aug 2019

Faculty – VLIR NGS Ethiopia mentee training, Antwerp Belgium/Cape Town, South Africa

Guiding students through proposal selection and writing. Teaching extensive UNIX and whole genome sequencing skills.

Feb 2018, Sept 2019

Faculty – Short course on Molecular Data for Infectious Diseases, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium.  

Lecturing participants on phylogenetics and viral phylodynamics. Mentor for group project on bacterial epidemiology.

Mar 2014-May 2019

Lecturer – University of Antwerp and Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium.

Guest lecturer on molecular epidemiology within the University of Antwerp Masters in Tropical Infectious Diseases. Lecture topics include phylogenetics, bacterial epidemiology and viral epidemiology. Guest lecture also given on biological databases for the research methodology module of the Masters of Animal Science at the ITM. Institute-wide teaching seminars on phylogenetics and protein evolution.

July 2012, 2013, 2017

Faculty – Workshop on Molecular Evolution at MBL, USA.  

Lecturing on HIV evolution, microbiomes, lateral gene transfer, bacterial species concepts and phylodynamics. Additionally, I undertook the role of head teaching instructor and supervised twelve 3-hour computer practicals including the creation of introductions to the UNIX environment, MrBayes and BEAST2.

Professional activities

  • 01-JAN-11: NUI Galway, Ireland - Ph.D.
  • 01-JAN-07: Maynooth University, Ireland - B.Sc.
  • 03-MAR-14: Institute of Tropical Medicine - Research Fellow
  • 01-MAR-11: Dalhousie University - Postdoctoral Fellow
  • 03-JUN-19: University of Bradford - Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology


Peer Reviewed Journal
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TitleInitial resistance to companion drugs should not be considered an exclusion criterion for the multidrug-resistant tuberculosis shorter treatment regimen. (2020)
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TitleGWAS for quantitative resistance phenotypes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveals resistance genes and regulatory regions. (2019)
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TitleA genome-based species taxonomy of the Lactobacillus genus complex (2019)
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TitleMycobacterium ulcerans Population Genomics To Inform on the Spread of Buruli Ulcer across Central Africa. (2019)
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TitleStorage of Sputum in Cetylpyridinium Chloride, OMNIgene.SPUTUM, and Ethanol Is Compatible with Molecular Tuberculosis Diagnostic Testing. (2019)
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TitleSuperimposing incident sexually transmitted infections on HIV phylogram to investigate possible misclassification of men who have sex with men as heterosexuals in a cohort in Antwerp, Belgium. (2019)
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TitleIsoniazid resistance levels of Mycobacterium tuberculosis can largely be predicted by high-confidence resistance-conferring mutations. (2018)
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TitleComparative Genomics Shows That Mycobacterium ulcerans Migration and Expansion Preceded the Rise of Buruli Ulcer in Southeastern Australia. (2018)
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