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Cathy started her Occupational therapy (OT) journey as a occupational therapy assistant which then ignited her passion to become a qualified Occupational therapist. Starting out in a traditional mental health occupational therapy post she then took a senior OT post in a multi-professional acute mental health day care team within 12 months of qualifying. A next career opportunity was working with drama and art therapists and nursing colleagues working with adult survivors of abuse. In her continuing professional development she developed specific expertise in the use of arts as an occupational tool for both assessment and treatment. Her next post was as the first OT in a community mental health team; this also had an additional remit for working with diverse communities, providing on call duty and required management of own case load to meet the occupational needs of people within the community. Her clinical interests, focusing on addressing occupational issues caused by mental/emotional issues continued as she took up a post working within a GP practice, providing individual and group Occupational therapy for clients in rural and city areas. Her next role was part management/part clinical as a professional Head OT managing the OT’s working in mental health across a region as well as having leadership, management and a clinical role within a multi-professional team working with acute in and out-patients in a specific mental health Trust. She was involved in the development of a service specifically for people who self-harm/ diagnosis of personality disorder. She was then invited to establish a new therapeutic multi-professional service in a differing Trust to ensure the mental health needs of both acute in and out patient were met. This service developed to encompass a liaison psychiatric role for A & E and medical wards. Whilst her roles had enabled her to be involved in education of OT, nursing / SW / psychology students, junior doctors, and trainee Police she became increasingly interested in training & education beyond the clinical settings, and thus she took a variety of part time teaching roles (Further and Higher education) culminating in taking the lead role in establishing the Bradford Undergraduate Occupational therapy programme in 2005.


Non sanctioned occupations
Occupational needs of people and populations
Occupational science