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Chien-Yi Chang

Lecturer in Microbiology

Faculty/Dept/School School of Chemistry and Bioscience
(Faculty of Life Sciences)
Telephone +441274 234646


PhD, University of Nottingham, UK

Professional history 
  • Principal Investigator, Guangzhou Women and Children’s Medical Center, China
  • Assistant Professor, Heriot-Watt University, UK
  • Senior Research Associate, Newcastle University, UK
  • Senior Research Fellow, University of Nottingham, UK


My research interests revolve around understanding, manipulating the bacterial gene regulatory networks and consequently harnessing bacterial behaviours in the population level by molecular microbiology approach. Also I would like to explore the broad bio-diversities in various environments for discovering novel microbes and natural compounds and to study their potential roles in anti-infectious and biotechnological applications.


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleHighly branched poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) functionalized with an inducer molecule suppresses quorum sensing in Chromobacterium violaceum. (2019)
AuthorsShepherd J;Swift T;Chang CY;Boyne JR;Rimmer S;Martin WHC;
JournalChemical Communications
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
TitleMolecular characteristics of group B Streptococcus isolates from infants in southern mainland China (2019)
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JournalBMC Infectious Diseases
TitleEpidemiology of invasive group B streptococcal disease in infants from urban area of South China, 2011–2014 (2018)
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TitleSurface sensing for biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (2018)
AuthorsChang, Chien-Yi
TitleRecent advances in molecular diagnosis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection by state-of-the-art genotyping techniques (2018)
AuthorsChen J.;Lau Y.;Krishnan T.;Chan K.;Chang C.
JournalFrontiers in Microbiology
TitleAn increasing trend of neonatal invasive multidrug-resistant group B streptococcus infections in Southern China, 2011–2017 (2018)
AuthorsGao K.;Guan X.;Zeng L.;Qian J.;Zhu S.;Deng Q.;Zhong H.;Pang S.;Gao F.;Wang J.;Long Y.;Chang C.;Liu H.
JournalInfection and Drug Resistance
TitleWhole-genome sequence and fosfomycin resistance of Bacillus sp. strain G3(2015) isolated from seawater off the coast of Malaysia (2017)
AuthorsChan, X.; Chen, J.; Adrian, T.; Hong, K.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Chan, K.
TitleTranscriptome analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 grown at both body and elevated temperatures (2016)
AuthorsChan, K.; Priya, K.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Abdul Rahman, A.Y.; Tee, K.K.; Yin, W.
TitleApplication of targeted molecular and material property optimization to bacterial attachment-resistant (Meth)acrylate polymers (2016)
AuthorsAdlington, K.; Nguyen, N.T.; Eaves, E.; Yang, J.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Li, J.; Gower, A.L.; Stimpson, A.; Anderson, D.G.; Langer, R.; Davies, M.C.; Hook, A.L.; Williams, P.; Alexander, M.R.; Irvine, D.J.
TitleGenome sequence analysis reveals evidence of quorum-sensing genes present in Aeromonas hydrophila strain M062, isolated from freshwater (2015)
AuthorsChan, K.; Tan, W.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Mumahad Yunos, N.Y.
TitleAnalysis of pectate lyase genes in Dickeya chrysanthemi strain L11, isolated from a recreational lake in Malyasia: a draft genome sequence perspective (2015)
AuthorsChan, K.; Kher, H.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Tan, K.
TitleDraft genome sequence of Lysinibacillus sp. strain A1, isolated from Malaysian tropical soil (2015)
AuthorsChan, K.; Chen, J.W.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Chan, X.
TitlePandoraea sp. strain E26: discovery of its quorum-sensing properties via whole-genome sequence analysis (2015)
AuthorsChan, K; Yin, W.; Tee, K.K.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Priya, K.
TitleDraft genome sequence of Aeromonas caviae strain L12, a quorum-sensing strain isolated from a freshwater lake in Malaysia (2015)
AuthorsChan, K.; Chin, P.; Tee, K.K.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Sheng, K.
TitleWhole-genome analysis of quorum-sensing Burkholderia sp. strain A9 (2015)
AuthorsChan, K.; Chen, J.W.; Tee, K.K.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Chan, X.
TitleAnalysis of quorum-sensing Pantoea stewartii strain M073a through whole-genome sequencing (2015)
AuthorsMohamad, N.I.; Tan, W.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Tee, K.K.; Yin, W.; Chan, K.
TitleWhole-genome sequencing analysis of quorumsensing Aeromonas hydrophila strain M023 from freshwater (2015)
AuthorsTan, W.; Yin, W.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Chan, K.
TitleDraft genome sequence of a quorum-sensing bacterium, Dickeya sp. strain 2B12, isolated from a freshwater lake (2015)
AuthorsTan, K.; Sheng, K.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Chan, K.
TitleUnderstanding the quorum-sensing bacterium Pantoea stewartii strain M009 with whole-genome sequencing analysis (2015)
AuthorsTan, W.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Chan, K.
TitleInhibiting N-acyl-homoserine lactone synthesis and quenching Pseudomonas quinolone quorum sensing to attenuate virulence (2015)
AuthorsChan, K.; Liu, Y.; Chang, Chien-Yi
TitleInsights on quorum-quenching properties of Lysinibacillus fusiformis strain RB21, a Malaysian municipal solid-waste landfill soil isolate, via complete genome sequence analysis (2015)
AuthorsYong, D.; Ee, R.; Lim, Y.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yin, W.; Chan, K.
TitleBacterial attachment to polymeric materials correlates with molecular flexibility and hydrophilicity (2015)
AuthorsSanni, O.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Anderson, D.G.; Langer, R.; Davies, M.C.; Williams, P.M.; Williams, P.; Alexander, M.R.; Hook, A.L.
TitleModulation of host biology by Pseudomonas aeruginosa quorum sensing signal molecules: messengers or traitors (2015)
AuthorsLiu, Y.; Chan, K.; Chang, Chien-Yi
TitleModelling and prediction of bacterial attachment to polymers (2014)
AuthorsEpa, V.C.; Hook, A.L.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Yang, J.; Langer, R.; Anderson, D.G.; Williams, P.; Davies, M.C.; Alexander, M.R.; Winkler, D.A.
TitleThermally switchable polymers achieve controlled Escherichia coli detachment (2014)
AuthorsHook, A.L.; Chang, Chien-Yi; Scurr, D.J.; Langer, R.; Anderson, D.G.; Williams, P.; Davies, M.C.; Alexander, M.R.
TitleNon-antibiotic quorum sensing inhibitors acting against N-acyl homoserine lactone synthase as druggable target (2014)
AuthorsChang, Chien-Yi; Krishnan, T.; Wang, H.; Chen, Y.; Yin, W.; Chong, Y.; Tan, L.Y.; Chong, T.M.; Chan, K.
TitleDiscovery of novel materials with broad resistance to bacterial attachment using combinatorial polymer microarrays (2013)
AuthorsHook A.;Chang C.;Yang J.;Atkinson S.;Langer R.;Anderson D.;Davies M.;Williams P.;Alexander M.
JournalAdvanced Materials
TitleInsights of biosurfactant producing Serratia marcescens strain W2.3 isolated from diseased tilapia fish: A draft genome analysis (2013)
AuthorsChan X.;Chang C.;Hong K.;Tee K.;Yin W.;Chan K.
JournalGut Pathogens
TitleCombinatorial discovery of polymers resistant to bacterial attachment (2012)
AuthorsHook A.;Chang C.;Yang J.;Luckett J.;Cockayne A.;Atkinson S.;Mei Y.;Bayston R.;Irvine D.;Langer R.;Anderson D.;Williams P.;Davies M.;Alexander M.
JournalNature Biotechnology
TitlePolymer microarrays for high throughput discovery of biomaterials (2012)
AuthorsHook A.;Chang C.;Yang J.;Scurr D.;Langer R.;Anderson D.;Atkinson S.;Williams P.;Davies M.;Alexander M.
JournalJournal of Visualized Experiments
TitleUnusual Long-Chain N-Acyl Homoserine Lactone Production by and Presence of Quorum Quenching Activity in Bacterial Isolates from Diseased Tilapia Fish (2012)
AuthorsChang C.;Koh C.;Sam C.;Chan X.;Yin W.;Chan K.
JournalPLoS ONE
TitleBiofilm development on Caenorhabditis elegans by Yersinia is facilitated by quorum sensing-dependent repression of type III secretion (2011)
AuthorsAtkinson S.;Goldstone R.;Joshua G.;Chang C.;Patrick H.;Cámara M.;Wren B.;Williams P.
JournalPLoS Pathogens
TitleThe Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus twin-arginine transport system has roles in predatory and prey-independent growth (2011)
AuthorsChang C.;Hobley L.;Till R.;Capeness M.;Kanna M.;Burtt W.;Jagtap P.;Aizawa S.;Elizabeth Sockett R.
JournalMicrobiology - Society for General Microbiology
TitleThe first bite - Profiling the predatosome in the bacterial pathogen Bdellovibrio (2010)
AuthorsLambert C.;Chang C.;Capeness M.;Sockett R.
JournalPLoS ONE
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AuthorsLambert C.;Hobley L.;Chang C.;Fenton A.;Capeness M.;Sockett L.
JournalAdvances in Microbial Physiology
PublisherAcademic Press
TitleFunctional interplay between the Yersinia pseudotuberculosis YpsRI and YtbRI quorum sensing systems modulates swimming motility by controlling expression of flhDC and fliA (2008)
AuthorsAtkinson S.;Chang C.;Patrick H.;Buckley C.;Wang Y.;Sockett R.;Cámara M.;Williams P.
JournalMolecular Microbiology
TitleBdellovibrio: growth and development during the predatory cycle (2006)
AuthorsLambert C.;Morehouse K.;Chang C.;Sockett R.
JournalCurrent Opinion in Microbiology
TitleQuorum sensing in Yersinia enterocolitica controls swimming and swarming motility (2006)
AuthorsAtkinson S.;Chang C.;Sockett R.;Cámara M.;Williams P.
JournalJournal of Bacteriology
Other Journal
TitleAn Inside job: Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus (2008)
AuthorsSocket, L; Hobley, L; Fenton, A; Woods, R; Lambert, C; Chang, C-Y; Atterbury, R; Till, R; Whitworth, M; Capeness, M; Fung, R; Ahmad, R; Milner, D; Learner, T; King, S
JournalMicrobiology Today
Book Chapter
TitlePathogens (2014)
AuthorsLazenby, J.; Chang, Chien-Yi