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Dr Briony Yorke

Assistant Professor

Faculty/Dept/School School of Chemistry and Bioscience
(Faculty of Life Sciences)


My research focuses on developing new methods to investigate the molecular dynamics essential to biological processes. This involves determining the relationship between molecular structure, dynamics and function. I am currently developing a novel method for time-resolved crystallography (HATRX, Hadamard Time-Resolved crystallography) to investigate the mechanism of UV damage in γD-crystallin, a process that eventually leads to the formation of cataracts. I am interested in investigating biological molecules with resistance to ionizing radiation using a combination of time-resolved crystallography and various spectroscopies such as  Raman, Fluorescence and UV/Vis absorption. My research involves the use of national synchrotron facilities in the UK, Germany and France and is highly interdisciplinary involving collaborations between researchers specialising in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 


Peer Reviewed Journal
TitleProbing the role of Val228 on the catalytic activity of Scytalidium catalase (2021)
AuthorsG. Goc, S. Balci, B.A. Yorke, A.R. Pearson, Y. Yuzugullu Karakus