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Andrew Hart

Lecturer in Health & Wellbeing

Faculty/Dept/School School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership
(Faculty of Health Studies)
Telephone +441274 236426


I joined the University of Bradford in 2013 and have worked as a psychology lecturer in higher education since 1999. Prior to that I worked with disabled students and young people deemed to have emotional and behavioural difficulties. My PhD thesis examined the role of social interaction in explaining the evolution of consciousness by exploring Vygotskian ideas around distributed cognition and sociogenesis. The psychology of consciousness and the mind-body problem continue to fascinate me and in the last decade my work with students undertaking placements in community settings has also led to a deep interest in Community Psychology, particularly in relation to power inequalities, identity and wellbeing. A common theme that unites these interests concerns the role of interpersonal processes in constructing and supporting aspects of emotional and cognitive functioning. I also have a keen interest in the person-centred approach.


Community Psychology: professional identity and power in community-based learning
Social psychology: construction of self and identity
Consciousness and the mind-body problem
Distributed cognition and technology use
Person-centred approach