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Leadership and Management

Aims of Leadership and Management

The University aims to provide the most appropriate support and development for all its leaders and managers on the basis that effective leadership and management drives a successful University.  Our leadership and management development provision is driven by the strategic planning process.

  • To provide a varied and appropriate leadership and management development provision which helps managers at all levels to meet their development needs and supports them in their roles.
  • To ensure varied methods of delivery from in-house and external leadership and management programmes to coaching, mentoring, shadowing, e-learning and a range of resources. Managers can select from a range of ways of developing themselves that suit their individual learning styles and link to where they are in their leadership careers.
  • To make leadership succession a priority by working to identify and develop a pool of leaders and managers for the future with the aim of developing and retaining leadership talent.
  • To promote diversity in leadership roles as future and current mangers are recruited, promoted and developed.


Training and Development Events for Managers

Managers may choose to attend any of the modules listed below to ensure their awareness of the knowledge, skills and behaviours required in their roles are kept up to date and/or refreshed. (N.B. the Recruitment and Selection training course and associated e-Learning module are both mandatory for managers). 

  1. PR2017/18: High Quality Conversations
  2. Managing Change
  3. Managing Risk
  4. Maximising Resilience
  5. Recruitment and Selection 
  6. Recruitment and Selection (e-learning) (this module should be visible on your personal e-learning dashboard. If not, please submit a request via HR ServiceNow for this to be rectified)

... and a categorised list of courses which are also open to non-managerial staff may be found on our Development Programme pages.

The management development offer is complemented by the University’s Bradford:Leader programme.  


The University of Bradford subscribes to the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) and one of the benefits of this is that UoB staff may set their own membership account online, which will enable them to access a broad Knowledge Base of articles and training materials,  many of which focus on management development (for further details, please see our Information & Resources page).

New managers may find the following resource useful: 



Bradford:Leader is the University of Bradford's new Leadership Development process and is one part of a wider programme of transformation and culture change across the University. The programme is delivered by a specialist leadership consultancy with a recognised track record in higher education.

It is a multi-layered process of leadership development that combines time in a workshop-style cohort with active membership of a university-wide leadership community and participation in small self-organising strategic impact groups.

For further information, please visit the Bradford:Leader web pages.

Leadership Forums

The University’s Leadership Forum was established as part of the University’s strategy to support the development of a visible, high performing and corporately focused community of leaders from across the University. It provides an opportunity to focus on key topics and for networking, learning as well as supporting the implementation of our shared vision and values. 

Leadership Forums held to date are shown below:

Dates and topics for 2017-18 to be announced TBA

Senior Leaders Onboarding

Further information can be found on the induction pages.

Coaching for Senior Leaders

Coaching is a personalised experience for University leaders that can deliver enhanced knowledge, improved performance, greater insight, and lasting change.

It creates a supportive environment that develops critical thinking skills and ideas, and brings about behavioural change. Coaching is done in real time, in a one-to-one situation with a coach that has been individually chosen for the personal and learning styles of the leader and in conjunction with their specific needs at that time.

There are two types of coaching:

1/ Skills Coaching - a one-to-one interaction to help the leader develop a new functional competence. Traditional coaching can be seen as a personalised form of training.

2/ Transformational Coaching - where the coach helps the individual to find workable outcomes to new or challenging situations. Examples of situations where transformational coaching might be employed include supporting a leader to:

  • make a presentation to a challenging audience;
  • write a business plan;
  • create a vision for an academic unit or department;
  • work better with challenging peers,
  • pull away from operational work;
  • work with greater emotional intelligence. 

Coaching can be arranged for senior University leaders through individual consultation with People Development

Useful Documents

 Word versionPDF version
Briefing for Line Managers Line Managers: Engaging in the coaching process for Line Managers (docx, 24KB) Line Managers: Engaging in the coaching process for Line Managers (pdf, 225KB)
Briefing for Coaches Coaches: Engaging Line Managers in Coaching Process (docx, 32KB)  Coaches: Engaging Line Managers in Coaching Process (pdf, 335KB )

External Leadership Programmes

External Programmes for Senior Leaders

University leaders in the past have attended a number of external development programmes with very positive results. Some of these programmes are delivered by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LF), others are commissioned from external providers (such as Bradford:Leader) and some are delivered by internal providers.  Below you will find information on and links to some programmes.

Common Purpose

This is a fast-paced course for leaders who want a briefing on the place where they live or work. Participants use it as an introduction or an update. They are briefed on the important trends, key institutions and main players locally and hear firsthand from some of the leaders who are tackling local issues.

Common Purpose: Profile Webpage 

Meridian deals with real-life leadership issues and insights, so neither classroom not lecture based. For example, we'll send you to prison, put you in a hospital or get you into a production plant. We go beyond standard leadership models and learn instead from the successes and failures of leaders from all sectors. Participants are taken out of their familiar environment to examine why, when and how they lead.

Common Purpose: Meridian Webpage
 Navigator  Common Purpose Navigator gives you the leadership kit you never expected. The course deals with real-life issues and insights, so it is neither classroom nor lecture-based. For example, we'll put you in a prison, take you to a hospital or get you into a production plant. We go beyond standard leadership models and learn instead from the successes and failures of leaders from all sectors. Participants are taken out of their familiar environment to examine why, when and how they lead. Common Purpose: Navigator Webpage

Leadership Foundation

Top Management Programme (TMP)

TMP is a personal and professional development programme for those operating at the most strategic levels in HEIs. Participants (VC, DVCs etc) should be responsible for a substantial area of the institution's operations in either an academic or administrative role. The programme runs on 18 days over a 6 month period at which participants work collaboratively with a group of senior colleagues on a range of issues. 

Top Management Programme website
Preparing for Strategic Leadership (PSL)

PSL is a 5 day programme delivered in 2 modules for those about to take up or are new in post as academic, administrative or professional service leaders. The programme is designed to assist those new to the challenges of corporate strategic leadership planning and change agendas.

Preparing for Strategic Leadership website

Aurora is a women-only leadership development programme.  It aims to encourage a wide range of women in academic and professional roles to think of themselves as future leaders, to develop leadership skills, and to help institutions maximise the potential of these women. This innovative development process is for women up to senior lecturer level or professional services equivalent.  It is an initiative that uses a combination of development days (four, at approximately monthly intervals); action learning sets organised and delivered locally; self-directed learning that follows the interests, needs and time constraints of participants; and in-house mentoring.

Aurora website