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Patrick Ryan - Director of Knowledge Transfer

Patrick Ryan has extensive experience of delivering post-experience training programmes in the area of investment project cycle management and project analysis.  This experience was gained as a lecturer at the University of Bradford delivering postgraduate and short courses to students from developing countries in Bradford as well as in-country. He also has extensive experience of delivering short and long term technical assistance and consultancy services in Africa including Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa and Ghana. 

Dr P.B. Anand – Head of Bradford Centre for International Development

Principal trainer/facilitator, executive education programme, Caribbean Development Bank, course on ‘economic analysis and impact assessment’ module delivered in Trinidad: 2007-to date - Course director, project appraisal course, China Development Bank programme for senior staff, four such courses have been delivered, three in Bradford and one in Beijing, 2007- to date.

Dr Owen Greene

Dr Greene has over 25 years of experience of consultancy, academic and applied research, higher education and professional teaching and training, and management (including international project management). Dr Greene is an internationally recognised expert on issues of conflict and security, and is in high demand as a consultant or special advisor for the UN, OSCE, EU, UK and many governments and multilateral policy negotiations and meetings on such issues.  Dr Greene is currently involved in projects funded by DfID and SIDA.

Dr David Potts

Practical experience of planning agricultural and agro-industrial projects in Tanzania 1981-91.  Author of Project Planning and Appraisal for Development (Lynne Rienner 2002). Co-editor (with Professor John Weiss) for forthcoming volume for Edward Elgar entitled “Handbook on Project Analysis and Development”.

Dr Tom Cockburn

Dr Tom Cockburn has a research and publishing record of over a fifteen year period and has achieved international recognition in his field of research of children, young people and citizenship. He has been involved in a number of European wide projects, including consultancy on a project (Youth Empowerment Solutions) in Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy and Hungary. He has undertaken national and local research and has a book Rethinking Children’s Citizenship to be published shortly by Palgrave Macmillan. 

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