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Useful Links - Information and Support for Research Students

The Hub

Pursuit of a research degree requires administration and support. Please see the Supporting our Research Students website for relevant information published by the Hub. (From administration and registration, support for students, student- supervisor relationship, progression, to completion)

Library Resources

Please visit the library portal for research tools and resources. (Database searches, research workshops, EndNote, Thesis and dissertations, Online source access, Open access and Bradford scholars, Subject Librarians, Inter-library Loans, Impact factors and Bibliometrics, Visiting other libraries, Special collections)

Language Centre

Whether you need to improve your English skills before you begin your University of Bradford degree, or you need some extra support during your studies, we provide courses, classes, workshops and study resources.  Please see the Language Centre website to find out more.

Erasmus+ Exchange Programme

Erasmus+ is the EU's flagship education and training programme, enabling more than 180,000 students to study and work abroad each year.  The programme offers an opportunity to undertake a period of study - either one semester or one academic year in another European country.

Please see the Study Abroad website for more information.