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Julia Ruppel

Julia Ruppel

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: German

Research interests: Electoral politics, particularly in Ghana; processes of state formation, state building,  political economy of development,  transformation process in Ghana, state-society relations in Sub-Sahara Africa, Critical political economy

PhD Title: Ghana: From fragility to resilience? Understanding the formation of a new political settlement from a Critical Political Economy perspective (working title)


David Harris & Neil Cooper


ESRC, Marie Curie Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow (2012/13)

Webpage (linkedin, etc):

‘Speak up Europo’ is a blog about views, prejudices and convictions on themes around Europe expressed by Britons and people living in the UK. Even though my research focus lies on West Africa and Ghana in particular, I have always been interested in the European Union.

As a European I feel to have a legitimate say in issues evolving around Europe and that’s what my blog is all about. If you are interested to know more, follow me on twitter.