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Esta Tina Ottman

Esta Tina Ottman

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: British

Research interests: Collective trauma, collective memory, intergenerational transmission of trauma, Middle East

PhD Title:

History's Wound: Collective Trauma and the Israel/Palestine conflict


Professor Caroline Hughes and Dr AfshinShahi 


  • Presented at:

    • The 10th Conference of Asian Federation of Middle East Studies Associations (AFMA): De/Re-constructing Middle East Studies from Asian Perspectives at Kyoto University, Kyoto. Japan. (12/2014)
    • International Peace Research Association annual conference, Hilton Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey (8/2014).
    • International Studies Association annual conference, Hilton Hotel, Toronto, Canada (Presented in FB36: Collective Memory and Trauma Studies Part 1 - Interdisciplinary Perspectives’.) (3/2014)
    • Peace as a Global Language conference, Rikkyo University (Niiza campus), Saitama, Japan. (7/2013)
    • TIAS/CIAS (Tokyo University Institute for Islamic Area Studies/Kyoto University Center for Islamic Area Studies) symposium, Institute for Advanced Area Studies, Tokyo University. (7/2012)
    • Asia-Pacific Peace Research Association Conference in cooperation with Peace Studies Association of Japan, at Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, Japan. (10/2011)
    •  Peace as a Global Language 2010 conference, held at International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan. (12/2010)
    • Amnesty International 95 event, "Success! - Giving Peace a Chance" [on  Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salaam-. At Umeda Business Center, Osaka, Japan. (10/2010)
    • International Association for Intercultural Studies, World Conference, at Kumamoto Gakuen University, in Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan. (9/2009)
    • SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education Training & Research) national conference, Caritas Junior College, Yokohama shi, Japan. (9/2007)
    • International Institutes for Peace Education conference, University of Haifa, Israel. (8/2008)
    • IPCRI (Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information) conference, Tantur, Jerusalem, Israel. (8/2008)
    • Peace As A Global Language V conference, Seisen University, Tokyo. (9/2006)
    • SIETAR national conference, Reitaku University, Chiba, Japan. (11/2005)
    • Peace As A Global Language IV conference, Kyoto Sangyo University, Kyoto, Japan. (11/2005)
    • SIETAR national conference, Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan. (6/2005)
    • SIETAR Kansai: Takatsuki Shiritsu Sogo Shimin Koryu Center, Takatsuki, Japan. (10/2004)
    • Peace as A Global Language III conference, Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan. (9/2004)
    • SIETAR Japan Conference, “Connections Within Diversity” at Kansai University, Takatsuki Campus. (6/2004)

Professional Activities:

  • Current: Lecturer, Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan (since April 2013)

    Former: Associate professor, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Govt, Kyoto, Japan (2007-2013); senior lecturer, Ritsumeikan University, College of International Relations, Kyoto, Japan (2004-2007); lecturer, Nihon University, College of International Relations, Mishima city, Shizuoka, Japan (1999-2004).

Webpage (linkedin, etc):