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Current Research Students

Here are the researchers currently pursuing their degrees at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Reflecting the outlook of the faculty, the body of the researchers is of a culturally diverse and international nature. This allows for unique and intellectually challenging, as well as stimulating views, insights, and experiences, which each researcher may hold and communicate, and in such a way enrich the body of knowledge.

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PhD researchers listed under L - M

Temitope Lawal

Division: Economics


Nationality: Nigerian

Research interests: Revolves around consumer preferences. Based on my Finance background, I am presently looking at  how databases that are usually adopted for Business research purposes could be adopted for pure traditional Economic study.

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Aaminah Latif

Division: Psychology


Nationality: British

Research interests: My research is centred on health psychology, specifically investigating the effects of Ramadan fasting in different occupations and how fasting during this time period each year may affect aspects such as work performance, errors, concentration and mood etc. Little research has explored such an important aspect within society, which may be causing harm or conversely may be a method that is beneficial in some way to certain individuals.

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Temitope J Laniran

Division: Bradford Centre for International Development


Nationality: Nigerian

Research Interest: Development Economics

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Jeneba Maccassey-Boimah

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: Sierra Leonean

Research interests: Security Sector Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa, Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding, State Building, International Relations, Liberia and Sierra Leone

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Hossein Mehrabinejad

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: Iranian

Research interests: Political Economy of Middle East, Political Islam and Middle East Politics    

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Ikutaro Morita

Division Peace Studies


Nationality Japanese

Research interests International Politics, Conflict Analysis

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ResearcherResearch TopicSupervisors
LASSEY, PETER Narrative theory and lifelong learning. 

L Comerford Boyes

Victoria Lavis


Preventive diplomacy and post-conflict peacebuilding in South Sudan.

Roberto Espindola

David Francis 


Fiona Macaulay

Martyn Housden

MANCINI, GIULIO Is it possible for civil society to promote effective education on biosecurity and dual use risks for life scientists?

Simon Whitby

MCCRAVY, SAMUEL Effectiveness of primary & secondary school peace education - initiatives in Sri Lanka

Tom Woodhouse

Betts Fetherston

MIDDLETON, RAYMOND Very troubled journeys: Exploring discourses and practices which relate to people who meet the criteria for personality disorder.

Ian Burkitt

Tammi Walker

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