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Rabia Khalid

Rabia Khalid

Division: Psychology


Nationality: British

Research interests: 

My research is predominantly focused around the investigation of effect of caffeine and tiredness on the tip-of-the-tongue state (TOT).  Although this is a common word retrieval failure in us all, at the pathological level, word finding difficulties are seen in sufferers of Alzheimer's disease and some aphasia patients.  Therefore, investigations of the brain basis of the TOT state is crucial. I will be examining if TOT resolution improves with the consumption of caffeine, alongside phonological priming.  And whether it is attributed to the adenosine mimicking properties of caffeine, which in result reduces the release of stimulatory neurotransmitters, improving wakefulness, vigilance and motor activities.

PhD Title: Investigation within the field of Tip-Of-The-Tongue state relating to phonological priming, tiredness and the effects caffeine TOT resolution. 


Dr Val Lesk and Dr Nancy Kelly

Professional activities:

Laboratory Assistant: Quantitative research methods and Data Analysis (Year 2)