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Division: Peace Studies

Research interests: Human rights, humanitarian intervention, the  Kurdish question, conflict and conflict resolution,  post-conflict reconstruction, and critical studies on terrorism 

PhD Title:

The international discourses of terrorism


Professor Christoph Bluth


Workshops on Transitional Justice  in the Federal Region of Kurdistan, 2007-2009

Campaigns for supporting detainees in Syria and Iran, 2006-2011


Unpublished Work:

Violations of human rights in Syria and the Western Kurdistan  2006

The experience of humanitarian intervention in Iraqi Kurdistan 2010

Professional Activities:

Lawyer & Advocate of human rights 2006 to date

Member of the Truth Commission for Transitional Justice in Kurdistan Region 2006 to date 

Lawyer of Halabja Centre against Anfal and Genocide (CHAK) 2006-2010

Representative of the Syrian Human rights Organization (MAF) in  Kurdistan Region 2006-2011