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Current Research Students

Here are the researchers currently pursuing their degrees at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Reflecting the outlook of the faculty, the body of the researchers is of a culturally diverse and international nature. This allows for unique and intellectually challenging, as well as stimulating views, insights, and experiences, which each researcher may hold and communicate, and in such a way enrich the body of knowledge.

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PhD researchers listed under D - E - F - G


Division: Peace Studies

Research interests: Human rights, humanitarian intervention, the  Kurdish question, conflict and conflict resolution,  post-conflict reconstruction, and critical studies on terrorism 

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Silvia De Michelis

Division: Peace Studies and International Development


Nationality: Italian

Research interests: Peace Journalism, Human Security, International Relations, Responsibility to Protect

PhD Title: An exploration of the role of conflict reporting within the context of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine. The case of Libya (Provisional) 

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Christopher P Davey

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: British

Research interests: My current research investigates genocide identity formation in the eastern DRC, and how social agents engage in atrocity with their own perceptions of past and ongoing experience. With a background in genocide studies I am interested in genocide theory, prevention, and historic case studies, especially in Africa. My general research interests reflect the intersections of genocide and peace studies: nonviolent responses to atrocity, violence and identity, climate violence, and genocide and British Empire.

PhD Title: Genocide Identity Formation in the First Congolese War (1996-1997)

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Oliver Denton

Division: Peace Studies and International Development


Nationality: British

Research interests: International History; European security and politics; US politics; Media and journalism; Veterans and PTSD; Social Justice; Social Movements

PhD Title: The role of The Times newspaper and its editor, Geoffrey Dawson in the policy of appeasement from March 1935 to December 1940

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Joseph Kwadwo Danquah

Division: International Development


Nationality: Ghanaian

Research interests: Management Development, Developing Models for Developing Countries to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals, Impact Assessment of Development Programmes/Projects, Human and Organisational Capacity Building/Development, International Development and Human Resource Management/Development


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ResearcherResearch TopicSupervisor
DE BLAS MARIN, ISABEL How does China's domestic situation shape its foreign policy and behaviour in the international system?

Tom Woodhouse

Roberto Espindola

DINGES, SABINE The impact of technical assistance in violence prevention and peace building

Owen Greene

Caroline Hughes


Rethinking social (movement) theory through  autoethnographic research. A cartography of differences, practices and knowledges in urban resistance movements of Barcelona

Graeme Chesters

Karen Abi-Ezzi

GREENHAM, FELICITY  Effect and impact on democratic society of the current governments participatory legislation

Graeme Chesters

SE Perrigo

GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR, MARGRET  Investigating the mechanisms of neural plasticity on brain function

Valerie Lesk

Nancy Kelly

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