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Current Research Students

Here are the researchers currently pursuing their degrees at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Reflecting the outlook of the faculty, the body of the researchers is of a culturally diverse and international nature. This allows for unique and intellectually challenging, as well as stimulating views, insights, and experiences, which each researcher may hold and communicate, and in such a way enrich the body of knowledge.

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PhD researchers listed under B - C

Essa Bah

Division: Economics


Nationality: UK and The Gambia

Research Interest: relationship between institutions, trade, regionalism and development

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Edmund Breckin

Division: Peace Studies & International Development


Nationality: British

Research interests: Social Protection, Conditional cash transfer programmes, poverty reduction and inequality, organised crime specifically within Latin America
PhD Title: Is an indirect impact of Conditional cash transfer programmes a decrease in violent crime? The case of Mexico’s Prospera programme.

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Moira Catania

Division: Economics


Nationality: Maltese

Research interests: EU economic integration, Economic and Monetary Union, Stability and Growth Pact, Malta in the EU

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ResearcherResearch TopicSupervisors
BHORE, MANSOOR Management Development Policies in Education. Focusing my research on educational institutions within the gulf region Farhad Analoui
John Lawler
BHORE, SHEHNAZ Improving NGO Managerial and Human Resource Capacity to deal with HIV/AIDS prevention:The Case of India Farhad Analoui
Fiona Macaulay
BULLEYMENT, NEIL The future of counterinsurgency, low level conflict and peacekeeping operations Paul Rogers
David Harris
CHEVREAU, OLIVER Peacebuilding in Somalia: Learning the lessons of international peacebuilding & statebuilding interventions in Somalia since 1991  Owen Greene
Jenny Pearce