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Current Research Students

Here are the researchers currently pursuing their degrees at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Reflecting the outlook of the faculty, the body of the researchers is of a culturally diverse and international nature. This allows for unique and intellectually challenging, as well as stimulating views, insights, and experiences, which each researcher may hold and communicate, and in such a way enrich the body of knowledge.

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PhD researchers listed under A

Alistair Alleyne

Division: Economics


Nationality: Barbadian & British 

Research interests: Trade in Services, Tourism, Regional Economic Integration, International Trade Liberalization, Economic growth and development  

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Priscilla E. Ateyo

Division: Peace Studies


Nationality: Kenyan

Research interests: Conflict Analysis, conflict sensitive Approaches, Conflict  Resolution and peace building, Natural Resources governance  and conflict Prevention, Identity and Resource Based conflicts

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Raymond Adu

Division: Economics


Nationality: Ghanaian

Research interests: Exchange rate policies in developing economies; macroeconomics; monetary policy; international economics and finance; applied econometrics 

PhD Title: Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate, Misalignment and Current Account Imbalance in West Africa Monetary Zone (WAMZ)

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Ambrose Amenshiah

Division: Development

Nationality: Ghanaian

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ADEGBAYI, ADENIKE Pregnancy, postnatal and early motherhood experiences of West African women across three generations

Sally Johnson

Barbara Stewart-Knox

ARAJ, VICTORIA The impact of neoliberal economic reforms on the occupied Palestinian territories post-second intifada Graeme Chesters

Afshin Shahi

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