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Research Alumni

This section lists the many recent alumni of the Faculty. If you have any further information or would like to update your profile then, please email

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Alumni listed under L-M

Researcher Topic Supervisors
LEUNIS, JELLE A Normative/Ethical framework for an Assessment of Private Military Companies, Formulated in Just War Terminology

Neil Cooper

Michael Pugh

LONGBOTTOM, CAROL What is the impact of the global food crisis on Tanzania?

Paul Rogers

Hossein Jalilian

MAMEJA, JERRY The impact of HIV and AIDS on intergenerational knowledge formation - Namibia David Francis
 MILLNER, SOPHIE  Is loyalty to a single identity socially cohesive or divisive?

Graeme Chesters

second supervisor to be confirmed

 MITRENGA, KAJA  Mirror Neurons, imitation and false memories.

Valerie Lesk

Nancy Kelly

MORAWSKA, LUCJA Lelov: Cultural memory and a Jewish town in Poland

Martyn Housden

JW Hiden

 MUIR, RACHEL  Rethinking conflict resolution research in post-war Bosnia and Hercegovina: A genealogical and ontological exploration

Graeme Chesters

Betts Fetherston

MURPHY, A (MPL) The rise of the Austrian Freedom Party under Jörg Haider at Right Wing Populism in Austria 1986-2000

Martyn Housden

Gabor Batonyi