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Research Alumni

This section lists the many recent alumni of the Faculty. If you have any further information or would like to update your profile then, please email

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Alumni listed under H-I-J-K


Critically assess the existing participatory structures within the socio-political and cultural set up of Pakistan

and its potential to make peace and development effective 

Jenny Pearce

Graeme Chesters


Promoting local empowerment in post-war Mozambique: the ‘7 million’ initiative

Neil Cooper

Regional Conflict prevention activities: Northeast Asia Systemic Assessment of the six party talks dynamics

of hexangular relationship among member states

Owen Greene

The role of family in adolescent smoking

J Mcalaney

Yunas Samad

INTEZAR, HANNAH (PhD)  Shakespearean polyphony  Paul Sullivan

KE Smith

IBRAHIM, HABIBIE A study of emotion and emotional intelligence in Malaysian child and family social workers

Sally Johnson
Philip Gilligan

ILLMER, PATRICK Agency in the shadow of a co-opted state: Territory, difference and democratisation in Guatemala


Jenny Pearce
Fiona Macaulay


JAN KHAN, MANAWAR Media consumption, identity and the Pakistani diaspora

Yunas Samad


The impact of water policy implementation at the local community in Zambia.

Examining the role of national and local institutions concerning Zambezi

PB Anand
Tom Franks

KERR, SUSAN The Oil industry as a social actor in Conflict areas

Neil Cooper
Owen Greene

KIDWAI, LUBNA Investigating a Relationship of a Perception of Agency in Task Based Discourse and Change in Concepts

I Reid
G Sheeran