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Research Alumni

This section lists the many recent alumni of the Faculty. If you have any further information or would like to update your profile then, please email

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Alumni listed under D-E-F-G

Maximillian Kolbe Domapielle

Division: BCID


Nationality: Ghanaian

Research interests: Health Financing, Development Policy.

PhD title: Extending health Insurance coverage to the poor in Jirapa District, Ghana: A pragmatic analysis of national health insurance enrolment and access to health care services.

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Dr Russell Delderfield

Division: Sociology & Criminology


Nationality: British

Research interests:

Eating Disorders in Men; Masculinities; Misandry; Bigorexia; Qualitative Social Research; Hermeneutics.

PhD Title:

Exploring male disordered eating: a hermeneutic study of men’s relationships with food, body and self.

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DIETZ, SARAH (PhD) Bradford Mills at Marki, Warsaw: A case study of British entrepreneurship in Russian Poland 1883-1939

Gabor Batonyi

J Gregory

DAGONA, ZUBAIRU (PhD) An analysis of trauma resilience among Hausa young people in Jos – Nigeria

Rhys Kelly

Donna Pankhurst

GUÐMUNDSDÓTTIR, MARGRET  Investigating the mechanisms of neural plasticity on brain function 

Val Lesk

Nancy Kelly