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Research Alumni

This section lists the many recent alumni of the Faculty. If you have any further information or would like to update your profile then, please email

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Alumni listed under B-C

Heather Blakey

Division: Peace Studies & International Development


Nationality: British

Research interests: Participatory democracy, participatory budgeting, democratic deficit, participatory research methodologies

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Zuhair Bashar


Peace Studies




Research interests:

Conflict resolution, Reconciliation and Peace building/ Conflict assessment and analysis. Researching ethnic and tribal conflicts, indigenous mechanisms of conflict resolution and reconciliation, local governance, Civil Society engagement in peace process, Refugees and Internally Displaced People.

Area of interest: Sudan (Darfur in particular) and Horn of Africa in general.

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 BAKARE, IBRAHIM (PhD)  Governance, poverty and natural resources management  Tom Franks

Behrooz Morvaridi

BAHIJ, AICHA (PhD) The socio-economic legacy of French colonialism in Morocco Tim Green

Munro Price


The impact of British Christian missionaries on Indian religious, social and cultural life between 1800 and 1857 

Munro Price

J Gregory


Action Research developing a model for effective curriculum design: role of assessment, 'employability' and student recruitment,

P Hughes
S Walton

BORRIE, JOHN (PhD) Understanding international efforts to address the humanitarian impacts of cluster munitions, 2003-08 Paul Rogers

Neil Cooper

CROWLEY, MICHAEL (PhD) Chemical control Malcolm Dando

Simon Whitby